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Tritium Rear Night Sights for Sub 2K

You can get Tritium in front sight posts for the Sub2 Gen 2 versions, which take a standard AR front sight post. You can also upgrade to MCarbo’s steel rear sight, which is also a step up from the Plastic peep sight that Kel Tec installs on all of their Sub2 versions, but what about someone coming up with a night sight for Rear ? … I know there are a lot of people who like using electronic sights, like the red dots and that’s fine, but when the batteries die, so do the electronic sights … I’m a little old fashion and prefer iron sights, however I do have lasers on both of my Sub 2k’s, but they are not my primary sight choice … Is there a need for rear night sights ? … Seems to me if people are buying the front night sight posts, they would also be seeking a rear night sight as well, so there must be some interest in these as well … Anyone else have any ideas regarding this ?


I just bought a See All Open Sight. I’m setting it up for the Shotty, but it should work a treat on the M*Carbo Optic Mount.

I dit get the Tritium Night version so it would meet your needs. It’ll impede folding if mounted as a direct replacement.

See All Open Sights


One of my primary functions for the Sub2 is the folding and portability aspects …I like your idea, but not sure I would add something that does away with one of the Primary functions … be nice if someone developed a rear night sight that actually takes the place of the manufactures sight … like what MCarbo did only tritium

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You could try to apply some fluorescent sight paint, that should help at night. How long the application lasts may not be to your liking, though.


Thanks I’ve used paint before and the tape … neither compare to tritium … it works well for daylight applications … Glocks come with painted sights … even with my Glocks I had eventually replaced them with night sights …


If you use good pigment and a good waterproff coating (clear long lasting spar vanish) then it will last as long as you do not chip the spar varnish. YOu have a cell phone. Charge that puppy up depending the quality of your luminescent paint

if this still interests you go to blitzkrieg.com