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Trigger upgrade kit ordered

Just ordered the full kit. For those who have had their gunsmith install the kit, how much did they charge? Looking forward to having all metal parts and a better trigger pull!


@DeckArtist When Mcarbo first came out with these parts Kel-Tec would install them for a flat fee of $40 plus shipping or bring it in yourself. With this virus crap not sure what they are doing now. Mcarbo also will do the installation, just don’t know their shop rates . Chris’s videos make it an easy install.


It’s fun and pride doing it yourself. Chris’s videos make it so easy to do.


I am not good with tiny parts and tedious work and this will be done by a local gunsmith who has done several of them. Just asking about what others experience with having this done was. Not wanting to ship it out due to the obvious long wait time and additional cost involved. The local gun shop that does all my tedious work can do this in one day and likely while I wait.

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