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Trigger Spring Replacement for the 870 Remington

I have a Remington 870 Express (left-hand) I bought new in 2004. I bought the MCARBO 870 spring and watched the video a couple of times before I made the switch. Initial trigger pull averaged about 4.1 pounds (the video had a stock pull of 5.5 pounds). The switch was hilariously simple, pulled the old spring off, set the new one on, and reassembled.
New trigger pull averages 3.1 pounds over 3 samples, so not the great 2 pound reduction Chris mentioned, but it’s just about where it should be, according to the video. I didn’t expect it to go to 2 pounds, and would have been a bit leery of keeping that spring if it were that low.
Total time, including rewatching the video was about 12 minutes. Actual change out time was 5 minutes. If you want a lighter pull, this is the spring for your 870.


Yeah, what the kit can guarantee is a specific pull force (like here is 3 lbs), not a reduction.
The reduction delta is dependent on what you had in there to start, and that’s not under their control.

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Yeah, I think I mentioned that, maybe not clearly…


I was agreeing with you :innocent:

I put one in my son’s Remington 30-06, that he inherited from my Dad.
I don’t remember what the pull weight ended up at, but, at least now it’s shootable.
The factory trigger was horrible!