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Trigger Play On .243

i have some play side to side on the trigger of my brno 243 is that normal only noticed it yesterday doesnt seem to interfere with the trigger pull do i need to replace or is it normal

I am no Gunsmith but it doesn’t sound like a good fit to me.

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prob just wear i hope to put a new trigger after shooting season,thanks

I know isn’t exactly on topic but I bought a trigger kit that only included a trigger, hammer and spring for about $70.00 it seems like for my SCCY 9mm, The write up said it would reduce the trigger pull by 40% off the 9 LB. factory pull, If it has then I sure am getting weak. Seriously, I own 3 SCCY pistols and side by side, no difference to me what so ever. That is my trigger kit experience.

Hey Hunter,

You have a beautiful dog…!

I replied to your trigger question in depth about a Trigger Job I just had done about 2 weeks ago on a pistol.

Where are you located ? I am in Orange Park Florida, 10 miles south of Jacksonville.


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hi papapaul thanks for the info and the dog says thanks too:grinning: im in ballyporeen tipperary ireland no pistols here i got trigger kit a few months ago for my 597 22 mag but havent fitted yet i do be either too lazy or cant get time work and shooting season comes first the hair trigger setting on the 243 works for me so im hoping when i do fit the new trigger spring and hammer on the 597 they will be close to same i have a sako 270 and trigger setting is ok on that i also have a lamber over under 12 ga shot gun for clays. the dog is a cross between a colllie and a akita great guard dog

Well Hello from over cast North Florida this morning my friend, I just looked out the window and saw a female Cardinal looking back at me. So…my wife and I had two miniature Schnauzers a couple of years ago, Max and Sammie. They were house dogs of course and lived 15 and 16 years, boy oh boy, that was a heart breaker for us, especially Judy.

Are you a military veteran, retired, still working ?

I am retired from CSX Transportation, it was about the 3rd largest railroad in the USA, maybe still is. I was employed in the Signal Department, we are the guys that give the trains the signals on how to move and also install the Crossing Gates to protect the motoring public. I did this almost 36 years, very interesting job but the company like so many started trying to do more with less and in the railroad business that is going to come back and bite you real hard, when we have accidents, they are serious.

I bought a British .303 Enfield many years ago, I love history and it complimented my M1-Garand, anyway I took it to the Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club where I shoot and loaded and got ready to shoot that rifle, aiming it and …BANG ! Talk about a hair trigger, this thing scarred me, Shot it a very more times and I unloaded and put that damn thing in the trunk of the car. I took it to a little gun shop I use to do business with and told the guy my story, I am thinking someone filed the trigger hammer down, I don’t know anything, I’m not ex-military. I picked the Enfield up a couple of weeks later and the guy told me “who ever did this knew what they were doing, probably an armorer in the military. He gave me the parts he took out and I went back to the range and the rifle had a trigger pull that I was accustomed to.

Do you own a KelTec Sub 2-K ? I bought mine in July and do not regret it, the most fun gun to shoot that I own right now. Are these legal where you live? You stated that owning a pistol isn’t legal. Unreal.

So your name is Kieron, is this a common name where you’re from? Do people call you Kier for short ?

My name is very basic, Paul. 62, raised Catholic, was an Altar Boy, I was raised right, I just didn’t always DO right.

Have a Blessed day,


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hey paul you sound just like me raised a catholic and i was an alter boy at one time did’nt alwats do right either but nothing serious some people call me kier or kieran but ive had my share of nic names im 57 non military im a carpenter by trade but working in security these days unfourtunetly you cant get ltec subs here shotguns and rifles only no pistols some people have them for compitition only and it isnt as straight forward to get as it is in the good old usa nothing wrong with the name paul and kieran is an old irish name and there is plenty of them around ,. its a typical wet day here in ireland.my email add. is kierandillon1311@gmail.com i be off line at 4o clock irish time today untill monday weekends are for shooting

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