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Trigger Over-Travel

Hi all, new here. I recently installed the complete M*CARBO trigger kit on my SUB2K (all parts, flat trigger, polished as recommended). My rifle version is multi-mag, newest generation, set up to take Beretta .40S&W magazines.

I notice that my trigger has “over-travel” of a few mm, and a felt engagement with something during the over-travel. In short, after trigger is pulled to hammer release point, it can be pulled an additional few mm with a clearly felt “click” from somewhere in the engagement chain. Doesn’t feel like it’s rubbing or hanging up on anything, just a click. Over-travel and click may have been there before I installed the trigger kit, but I didn’t notice it.

Is this normal? Any ideas to reduce the over-travel?




Welcome to the Brotherhood, @bjmusico.

I don’t think I’ve heard a click like that from mine either before or after installing the whole internals kit. I’m assuming you followed Chris Nelson’s video. Any chance something slipped when you put everything back together? This is a long shot, but are the grip halves tightened too tight? Did you use the spacer on the trigger when you installed it? There were some cases of the grip halves having some plastic molding that interfered with the trigger bar, and other cases where tightening the grip halves too much prevented the trigger from resetting. Backing the screw next to the trigger off a little seemed to fix it. Like I said, long shot, but something to check.

Don’t know if there’s anything you can do about over-travel - as you’ve seen, the trigger mechanism can’t be much simpler and there’s no adjustments.


Yep, followed the video, made sure everything was lined-up, etc. The trigger did bind up after my first re-assembly. Took halves back apart, made sure all was aligned and secure, and put back together with trigger now moving freely. If consensus is that it’s not normal, I’ll take back apart and investigate. Thanks!

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Unfortunately you would have to take it apart again, but as Phuzzy said, I would really look into the polymer around the trigger bar. That seemed to be the biggest issue way back when. It might be rearing it’s ugly head again with this new manufacturing.

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Guess I’ll take it apart again. It must be catching on something wrong, maybe slightly off due to contact with plastic. Thanks!

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Tried loosening the center frame screw, but still had the “click” at end of travel. Will be taking back apart in next day-or-so.

I did notice that when the safety is engaged, there is no click and trigger travels freely entire length of pull.

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I decided to just leave the trigger as-is for now. I don’t want to mess up the grip tape I just installed to split the frame, and the trigger feel is really nice (except “click” during overtravel). I think there may be some frame plastic interference with the trigger bar at the far end of travel, maybe mis-aligning the bar/sear contact point and causing the click. Next time I take things fully apart, I’ll fully remedy the issue.

Until then, I added a “bumper” to remove all trigger overtravel. I used a 3/8" diameter rubber cabinet door bumper on the frame behind the trigger. It ended up being the perfect thickness for trigger pull at hammer release, with zero overtravel. Hammer release happens exactly when trigger contacts the bumper. Also, no issues with trigger reset, etc.

I got the idea from a trigger on one of my Berettas, that has a small teflon bump on rear of trigger to minimize overtravel. It seems to be a good functional solution, but not cosmetically great. I’m going to find a similar smaller bumper in black, to see if I can make it less obvious. I needed to use a bit of extra rubber-based glue to hold the bumper in place.

Trigger Stop Bumper