Trigger kit for Sig 938

What ever happened to this kit. Is it available yet? Thanks



@relie1 Welcome to the Brotherhood Dave.


still waiting for an answer for my question… How about the trigger kit for the p938

@relie1 your best bet would be to email MCARBO or call them. This is a forum made up of mostly customers of MCARBO.


Or maybe @ChrisNelson could answer. I believe he is the founder and owner of MCARBO

I can attest, they are more responsive via email than the forum.

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Maybe you would like to introduce yourself. Suggest you go to tell us about you. Oh and get off the bitchie mode.
What kit are you inquiring about ?
This is the Mcarbo spring set and Galloway Precision trigger in my P938BRG.

And while you are here, the magazine is an adapted P290 (precursor to the P938/P238
TOTALLY NOT AVAILBLE ANYMORE) ! It gives the 938 an 8+1 capacity and a very comfortable grip !

Thought you & others might be interested in this.

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I installed the Tillamook trigger in my 938 about 5 years ago. At the time it was the only upgrade for the 238/938 that I could find. Glenn Linscheid in OR makes these kits. There are others now - like Galloway. The MCarbo kit is just springs. Being perfectly blunt, there’s nothing out there that’s going to miraculously transform the P938. Improving reset and lessening take-up… all the kits do that. Pick one. The 238/938 are nice guns but keep your expectations in line.