Trigger job on Sub 2000 with plastic bolt tube nut

I’m about to install the trigger job kit. My new Sub 2000 has the plastic bolt tube nut. Chris’s video shows the metal nut. I have some questions.

  1. How do I remove the plastic nut?
  2. Is the plastic nut safe? Safe to remove and reinstall?
  3. How do I reinstall the plastic nut?
  4. Does KelTec sell a metal nut replacement for the plastic nut?

I’m no gunsmith and any work I do to a firearm makes me nervous. I love Chris’s videos and have used them to great effect. He makes everything seem easy and doable to me. But the trigger job videos only show the metal nut.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Brotherhood.



It’s been a long time since I took mine apart.
As I recall it is held on with locktite. Give it a twist.
Search through old posts…I will see if I can find something.

Thanks man. I’ve been looking around but I’ve been working nights too so I haven’t had the most success. The only thing I’ve found is someone from Kel Tec and he just said turn it counter-clockwise. I’ll keep checking.

I don’t have a plastic nut example. But, we all looked at them.pretty hard to figure what changed and attempt to figure “the whys.”

  1. it is an eighth or quarter turn counterclockwise to clear the stops that hold it in place. When it stops turning, it should slip right up the bolt tube.

  2. We have seen no evidence that this has any safety implications. No internet reports of failures, and IMO folks tend to report these thimgs publicly before they call ambulances or stop bleeds.

  3. Install will be reverse of removal - I was unable to resist, but I type the truth.

  4. No. The grip halves were modified in this design. The old metal collar design will not work.

IMO, with the exception of cosmetic appearance, the plastic nut is a superior design. The metal collars had to be glued in place 'cause grip halves were not threaded on the Gen 2 carbines. Instead, the metal collar cut shallow grooves in the plastic and required glue to actually keep it in place.


I really appreciate the info. It seems easy enough (that thought has gotten me in trouble more than once). I’m going to get my kit tomorrow and do the polish and install this weekend.
I’ve enjoyed myself every time I’ve added to the Sub 2000. Even the struggle to get the tool-less locking pin on the bolt spring for the heavier charging handle.

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