Trigger issue on new Sub2k

I did the MCarbo trigger job on 2 of my Sub2ks as well as one for my friend’s. The older of mine, which I bought over 1 year ago, works perfectly. The newer one was bought at the same time as my friend’s, from the same dealer. I have also installed the heavier weight, “recoil-less” bolt handle on all 3 guns. All internal parts have been polished per MCarbo videos, and the trigger installs were also followed step-by-step.

The issue is that when we fire the 2 newer of the 3 guns, the trigger will intermittently go dead. It pulls smoothly, but it is as if the re-set doesn’t work. I could understand if the trigger didn’t work at all, but this is happening randomly, with no pattern. I have tried different magazines at the range with no change. This morning I took one of them apart again, checked everything, and re-assembled - no joy, everything looks and feels OK, but the issue persists, even when dry firing. Every few racks of the bolt yield a dead trigger - when pressed, the trigger presses all the way back smoothly, as if it is not engaging the sear. When the bolt is racked again, it works fine for a variable number of times, then doesn’t work again, and so on.

Has anyone experienced or heard of this issue, and possible solutions? Thanks!


Check that you don’t have the grip halves too tight. Sounds like the trigger bar might be dragging on the grip halves.


Thanks for the suggestion. I tried that. It seemed to work for one them, but not the other. By the way, when it does happen, the trigger is quite smooth, with drag whatsoever. It just moves until it is fully rearward, with no engagement of the trigger. Appreciate your help!


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I have not experienced your problem that you are having maybe Chris Nelsons team may have some suggestions.

It seems the screws were indeed too tight. I loosened them and gave dry fired at least 300 times with no issues. Thanks!