Trigger install on GEN 2 Sub 2000 kel tec


Can anyone help me! So , I purchased the new trigger spring , curved trigger and trigger bar. I watched the video provided by MCARBO and believed I installed correctly. I went to the range today and after my first shot had a malfunction. After clearing the firearm I re-wracked the gun and squeezed the trigger . The trigger worked but the round didn’t fire. I noticed the casing had a light primer strike , so I retried firing the gun again and went off. Several shots later having the same problem a light primer strike over and over with each pull of the trigger. Can someone tell me what i did wrong with the installation for this issue to happen? What can I do to fix it? I believed the installation was correct because everything else worked. Thanks


@Sangel120 Could be a bad hammer spring ,too light, or it slipped out of position during assembly. You’re not the first nor the last Brother to have this problem. Try the stock spring and maybe a different brand of ammo.


Thanks for the quick reply. Sound about right with the Ammo. I was using Brass and Aluminum. I noticed the aluminum was mis-firing and brass was working. I appreciate the feed back. I will probably dissemble the weapon all way down again and check all the springs. Do you know of any other companies that sell trigger springs then Mcarbo ?


Aluminum cased ammo should not be used in the SUB2000’s, there was a thread or mention of this on the forum…
BTW reloads suck too!!! Ask me how I know…


MCARBO makes excellent parts for the Sub-2000. If it truly is a spring issue, they will replace it at no cost. :+1:t2:


You’ve got to watch that hammer spring on assembly. One leg tends to jump out if you’re not careful.
@Partsed, I have shot 100’s if not 1000’s of reloads through my S2K, not one malfunction. What primers are you using that you are having trouble with? I use Winchester and occasionally CCI.