M*CARBO Brotherhood

Trigger Bar R&D Reports


OEM trigger bar on top. MCARBO trigger bar on bottom.


Give me a few min guys. My sub is disgusting and I can’t really pass this opportunity to clean it real quick while it’s open.


Hey Logan. Could we have a side by side pic of the trigger bars for comparison ? Also are the inside edges very smooth ,rough, or what ?


Seems so easy to clean, but it really is a bugger to clean out the ejection port area or anything else aside from the barrel. LOL

Please let us know if it cleans up the grit/creep between the takeup and the sear breaking. :+1:


New trigger bar sitting pretty


Night and day difference between the old trigger bar and new trigger bar. There is still a smidge of pre travel but nothing even close to what it was before. I’m blown away because to my eye the trigger bars didn’t look that much different. The trigger now starts almost at the wall which is how it should be. Say goodbye to all that trigger slop.


You have to feel the difference with your finger. With the new trigger bar yes there’s slight pre travel still but the trigger is solid and not mushy at all. That pre travel almost immediately hits the wall. Videos do not do it justice.


@km55 I haven’t cleaned it in a few 1000 rounds haha I was trying to see how long it would go before choking out.


@wedge the smidge of creep is still there. In my opinion the new trigger bar eliminates a massive amount of pre travel and starts you closer to the wall. It definitely improves the trigger a lot.


@don68 posted a side by side of both trigger bars. Don’t know if you saw it. Fit and finish on new one is nice. Edges aren’t rough but not butter smooth either. Not sure if the trigger bar MCARBO gave me is representative of final product but I’m good with it either way.


@Kona Pretty good guess with that trigger pull Logan (5-5.5 lbs.). My Gen 2 Sub-2000 with Pro Performance Trigger Job Bundle tested with a Lyman trigger pull gauge came in at 5.4 lbs. My trigger bar has not come yet.


@dave67 one day I’ll get a digital trigger gauge. My pops has an old fashioned one at his house. I’ll probably run it by there tomorrow and see what it says but I’m expecting pretty close to what you and I both said. 5-5.5. Hope you get the trigger bar soon. I wish it helped the creep more but what it does do with the pre travel is perfectly worth buying and installing.


Nice! Tracking shows mine will be here Tuesday. I also have the M*CARBO tube cover and Glock mag catch on the way so I’ll finally have a fully upgraded SUB2000.

Now, Chris is probably thinking about machining a new sear and hammer for an even better trigger feel just to make us have to crack them open again! LOL


@Wedge are you for real? I was thinking about having sear and hammer stoned and polished. (Way outside my expertise). If they’re gonna make an improved set then I see no point in paying for the smithing.


Nicely done. Very informative. I’m right behind you brother when production version comes out. I’ll be tuned in for your range test. Appreciate the pioneering spirit!:+1:


@Boomchucker this sub has been so dang fun to upgrade and tinker with. The design is super simple and easy to take completely apart and mess with. The worst part is the cross bolt safety. I hate that stupid thing and it’s 50 microscopic parts. Really grateful to MCARBO for continuing to extend test product to me. I will continue to test and report back as well thanks!


Yup, for real! I’ve done some stoning on 1911 hammers and sears. It’s not all that hard. You just have to go slow and make sure you’re only smothing things and not actually removing metal or changing the shape/angles of anything.


@Wedge Is so excite!!! Trigger should be smidge of pre-travel, solid wall, crisp, clean break. As it stands now, trigger is smidge of pre-travel, solid wall, smidge of creep, crisp, clean break. It might seem trivial but I’d like to get this trigger to as close to perfect as it can be.


Exactly why I’m taking it in!


That creep is the sear dragging across the engagement face of the hammer until the hammer drops. There’s not a whole lot that can be done other than getting the engagement surfaces mirror smooth and, maybe shortening the surface on the hammer. Can’t get too crazy or the hammer can slip off the sear on impact. Then again, the SUB2000 design doesn’t seem to be drop safe anyway.