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Trigger And Sear Customizations

I know that a lot of us want to ‘dicker around’ with pull weights in order to get the finest trigger pulls. We take apart our guns and install smaller springs and even resort to installing factory ‘replacement’ trigger and sear groups for modifications. @TriggerHappy had even given those ‘adventurous tinkers’ a splendid how-to explanation and diagram of a trigger job on a SUB2000. I can testify that if one watches the videos and takes their time with the disassemble process you will be satisfied with your results! That being said, there is a chance that one can get overzealous with the sanding stones. If you take too much material off the spring pressure can be too great causing trigger and sear pre-ignition. In the lesson, it is mentioned to pre-order a hammer and sear prior to attempting the trigger job! If one does remove a little too much material, the initial trigger job is NOT lost and one does not have to discard those parts. Take an anvil/steel plate and an old drill bit and place it about a 1/16" from the area stoned and take a ball pean hammer and give it a ‘whack’ or two. You will lengthen ‘stretch’ the material of the (hammer/sear) dependent upon what you are working with. You will find out that you will have ‘positive engagement’ with the sear and trigger again. This will save the new trigger parts for another day? I hope this ‘tid bit’ of knowledge will help out as well. Another great bunch of reference materials attached to this thread for your convenience. Happy Gunsmithing!


Thanks for posting this. I’m just now getting into smithing. Yesterday, I replaced the trigger, trigger springs, and striker springs on my S&W SD9VE. Cut the trigger pull in half. I notice that M*CARBO sells a sear spring for the same gun. Would it be worth it to replace that as well? Will I see much of a change?



You are quite welcome! :grinning::+1: I have replaced kits on the Mossberg 88 and on my Ruger BX Custom triggers and the MCARBO kit, itself cut my pull weighs in a half by its own accord! If you decide that you may want to ‘polish’ the sear/trigger, you will find that you may ‘see’ an additional improvement… To ‘validate’ my word of mouth to you would mean taking apart the trigger twice and doing two separate procedures. I had forgot to ‘polish’ my trigger and sear on my Ruger BX and my results were STAGGERRING! I had seen a 50% decrease in my trigger pull with the MCARBO kit installed. I took the trigger apart and ‘Flitz Polished’ the sear and trigger. When I had put it back together, I had lessoned the pull another 6 oz! I am totally a believer in the M*CARBO product. Your extra effort on polishing will not go without notice as long as you do not take too much material off the trigger/sear. Remember that they work in ‘harmony’ with one another… Patience is the key when doing this procedure. I am not the person that does ‘infomercials’ for every one but I like to give credit to those companies deserving! I consider myself NEW to gunsmithing and I also recommend AGI video/courses. I had purchased the Glock Armorer and Practical Gunsmithing Courses and I had obtained a lot of information that has been invaluable to me, personally. I am not going to validate that the courses will make you a gunsmith, itself… You have to get your hands on it and make your own accomplishments and mistakes. I have gained much confidence in my own work and have challenged myself beyond my limitations because of it! Happy and safe gunsmithing, my friend!