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Tribute To Truckers

I’m an ex-trucker. I spent five years on the road and ran half-a-million miles. I would like to make a little tribute to truckers. I know the forum is about military, law enforcement, and Second-Amendment Patriots. I think truckers also deserve respect, because it is truckers that keep America moving. If you have something, it was almost certainly on a truck at some point. I’d just like to give a little shout-out to truckers and I’ll attach two photos from the road.


it is truckers that keep America moving. If you have something, it was almost certainly on a truck at some point. [/quote] 10 - 4 good buddy! :+1: I’m buying an old Jeep CJ5 and have been giving CB radios a whole new look. I’m in pretty mountainous terrain - is there any feature or brand in particular you would recommend? Is the emergency channel (9?) even still a thing?


9 is still the emergency channel, but everyone is on channel 19. And yes, CB radios are still essential to trucking.

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Take any CB, tune it to channel 19, and roll down an Interstate. You will quickly hear it all. Pull into a truck-stop while tuned to channel 19, and you will really get an awakening.


Ain’t that the truth! lol I have been to Jubitz a few so times so what can I say lol An old friend of mine used to work at Wholesale Truck Parts there in Portland Oregon, wouldn’t be surprised if you have heard of them…

Been to Jubitz truck stop in Portland many, many times.

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I’ve been everywhere, Man!


Yea, I wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for truckers (I’m a dispatcher) but all my trucks are owner operators and keep me awake 24/7, each driver thinks that their problem is the biggest problem, that being said, I appreciate all you do and putting food on my table, in more ways than one! :wink:


there is a number of things to consider when buying a cb radio and antennae.
these are just a few.
1- how much do you want to spend
2- available space to mount radio (especially when they are going in a jeep or other vehicle with limited room.
3- how are you going to be using it and what kind of transmitting range do you want?. (ie. only communicating short range with others on the trail or traveling with you? Longer range requiring more transmitting power?
4- do you just want the basic 40 channel am radio or an am/ssb (side-band) radio.
5- how severe of abuse will the antennae be taking?

I have had radios 40 plus years and in all of my rigs. Including six jeeps, several pickups, my bronco, and a couple boats.
Most of my radios were cobra 148 gtl am/ssb and rci 2950 and 2970’s.
The antennae i use on my brush rigs is a 103 inch steel whip because it is the only thing I can keep from being broken or torn off by trees. (they can be a bit of a hassle because of the length however. needing tied down to keep from hitting low hanging cable wires, tree branches, and taking out all the florescent lights in a fast food drive through.)


@jeffing65 Thank you - much appreciated! :+1:

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your welcome. you can PM me if you want to talk more about it.


I was a truck driver (Motor Transport) in the Marines.

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