M*CARBO Brotherhood

Tribute to M*Carbo Support

Soon after joining M*Carbo, I decided to improve my EDC by ordering and installing several modifications that would improve its felt recoil and provide a better trigger. I had never modified a firearm in the past but I felt confident that after watching the installation video that I could do this work.

The parts order was delayed because M*Carbo decided that one of the springs in the trigger spring kit needed a better spring – I appreciated that. Once the parts arrived, I fired up the video and started the work, only to find out that – try as I might – I could not loosen the Ejector Spring screw, one of the initial steps. I took my firearm to a local gunsmith who was successful in loosening it for me.

So, today I followed the video, step by step, and Voila! the firearm function checks okay, the new trigger is much smoother and comfortable and has reduced pull, just as promised. Tomorrow I’ll live-fire it at the range to check the promised reduced recoil based on the heavier recoil spring and check for correct operation.

All along the way, Chris and the staff kept me informed and inquired about how the installation was going and offering support. I’m one happy M*Carbo camper!


As an addendum: I took the handgun to the range today and fired a mix of FMJ and JHP rounds without a hiccup. I fired fairly rapidly and the handgun had no problems. The recoil was lighter than I remembered and the trigger was lighter, smoother and less painful than the original equipment.

I was function testing, firing at the range impact area 100 yards distant without concern for accuracy, just functionality, but I did manage to hit a steel target 100 yards away.