Trapping Tricks for All

Thanks to the whack job animal rights gender confused nut jobs the fur industry is all but dead. Even the state of Iowa recently announced there is a year round open season on raccoons because of gross overpopulation issues and animal to human disease outbreaks. Being a life long trapper I will be sharing many hints over time to help the M*Carbo brotherhood control their pests of all kinds. I encourage other trappers to share some of their hints/tricks as well.

Today I will share a little known trick when using a box or live animal trap. Back in 1981 I gave a beaver trapping demonstration at the national trappers convention. I had many people come to me saying they never have good luck using a live animal trap especially trapping rabbits in the warmer months. One of my first questions to them was always, “does your trap have just one door or two?” Few people know you will catch many more animals in a box trap with two doors. Especially leery ones. I would tell people they would be far happier catching more animals faster having a box trap with 2 doors. I would often get asked why, and you could see a light come on when I asked them, “how many times have you seen an animal back up?” I said watch all wild animals and you will see them only walk or run forward 95+% of the time. Any animal is far more likely to enter a box trap with less anxiety or fear if they can see a wide clear opening on the other side. And no… I do not mean a screen on the other end or the woven wire most commercially made traps are made of. Later I will share a few designs of traps I make that work amazing for everything from big wild cats to ground squirrels. If you can find the old Havaheart 2 door box traps get them. They are well made and work like a champ. Just make sure to get one big enough the target animal you’re after can fit comfortably inside fully upright and obviously long enough. No animal likes to crawl into a live animal trap. Good luck with the pesky varmints all.


Exactly, works the same when trapping 2 legged rodents too. Always let them think there is another way out.


A man sees a life-sized rat statue in an old junk store.

And he isn’t sure why, but he finds the rat statue very interesting and decides to buy it. Afterwards he’s walking down the street holding the statue under his arm when he looks behind and sees two rats following him. A few minutes later there are more. Soon there are dozens or even hundreds of rats, possibly every rat in the city, following this man, who realizes the statue must be attracting the rodents like a magnet. He sees a bridge and runs over it, the rats following in hot pursuit. When he gets to the middle of the bridge he throws the rat statue over the side of the bridge into the water. The rats all jump in after it, and perish. Stunned by what he’s just seen, the man runs back to the junk store and tells them that he just lost his rat statue off the side of the bridge.

“I’m sorry,” says the clerk at the store, “But we don’t give out refunds.”

“No, that’s okay.” the man tells him. “I just want to know if you have any statues shaped like a politician?”