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Here is some Pikes Peak Hill climb to start us off with.


Some rally action.


Some vintage Nascar with those awesome Fords and Mercs.


This is a little long, written for the Alfa Romeo Club magazine a few years ago. Sorry about the formatting , Had to cut and paste lots of pieces.

ALFA Track Toy

A 1969 Alfa Romeo Berlina , PDA “Track Toy” ! NASA

N.J. Vintage License Plate : 'MRTMR’

MORTIMER-I, my first “PDA Track Toy”, was a 1974 Alfa GTV.

His sole purpose in life was to "Run Fast or… Be Eaten !"

He had a full competition suspension (springs & adjustable shocks), and high compression pistons, with a “big valve” head and racing cams from Sperry Valve Works. Unfortunately, in May of 1994 he was EATEN ! or rather he was “rear-ended” by a Buick while sitting at a toll booth on the Goethels Bridge on his way to a weekend of fun & games with PDA at the (in)Famous Bridgehampton Race Circuit. He had been out of the body/paint shop less than 2 weeks and he looked resplendent in his new red, white, and green paint scheme.

The “bad news” was the insurance company said he was totalled. The “good news” was they were very sympathetic to his plight, (new paint job and all), so they were very generous in their settlement AND I got to keep MORTIMER-I .

More bad news… I had no more GTV’s laying about so what to do with all of Mortimers “go fast parts” ?
More good news. A friend, of a friend, of a friend, etc. had a 69 Berlina that just “died one day” and he said… “take it out of his driveway”.
A BERLINA ? Why not ! Look at all the room in the back seat for spare parts and Race Rubber !
So, MORTIMER-I was “eaten” and MORTIMER-II was born !

The Berlina’s body (by Alfa standards anyway), had no rust, no dings, no dents. and no missing parts. He hadn’t really died, his “heart” just gave out ! All he needed was a new fuel pump and battery ! He even had his original , but very heavy, undercoating still intact. A few hours on the rack with 250+ degrees of steam and the undercoating peeled away to reveal a flawless (and much lighter), undercarriage. A few days to swap out the rear end , the front and rear suspensions, minus the spring buckets of course ! (so what if the oil pan is only “2 fingers” off the ground , IF the suspension only travels "1 finger "!) In goes the HOT 2 liter motor from MORTIMER-I and I’ve got one QUICK Berlina !
Now it’s off to the paint shop. Well, actually to the Coast Guard Station at Floyd Bennet Field. If this guy can paint helicopters, he should be able to paint a 4-door-brick-with-wheels ! If MORTIMER-II has the guts from MORTIMER-I, he must have the outer skin too, so I change the paint scheme a bit for the modified body style, but he’s red, white and green. No mistaking the family resemblance here !

This is when things started to get … just a little strange !

I decide to drive MORTIMER to the Alfa Owners Convention in Atlanta, (like in ROAD ATLANTA !) Only problem was that I would certainly NOT survive the
trip in the $60 fiberglass racing seats. So I trek over to visit the Colosaco brothers at Euro-Tech , to see if they have anything that might work. Maybe a nice set of soft , Ricaros out of an Alfa Milano or something ?

Well… what they had (just laying around), was a gorgeous set of fully reclining, Carbon Fiber, RED, racing seats out of a FERRARI F40 of all things ! Once I saw these seats, I knew that there was absolutely NO WAY that MORTIMER was NOT going to get them !

F40 seats… in a Berlina ! What a concept !

The only problem was that because of their offset, I had to mount them backwards !

NO ! … NOT facing the back window, but reversing which side they went on !

YES !.. the INSIDE , but with the drivers side seat on the passengers side of the car.

I’m not sure if these seats FEEL as good as they LOOK , or LOOK as good as they FEEL ? Either way, how many NON-F-40’s do you know of that can boast of having a PAIR of these seats ? Ferrari owners have been known to look at these seats in MORTIMER and turn B.R.G. with envy :slight_smile:

I next turn my attention to reducing MORTIMER’s Lap Times. I could do the normal thing and pay “big-bucks” for a Race Prepared fuel injection pump, but that will only slightly increase the terminal velocity. Maybe I would be better off if I could just make MORTIMER ‘stop’ a little better ?
A LITTLE BETTER ? So I spend “mega-bucks” and put on a set of JFZ NASCAR Brakes !

Vented Fronts, cross drilled rears, 4 piston MONSTERS with 4.5 x 2.0 inch brake pads ! These pads are SO… big, that the entire set of stock Alfa pads (from all 4 wheels ! ) fit on just one set of JFZ pads ! Of course I have to use the softest brake pads known to man, but one set lasts an entire season.

But…more bad news ! The stock (re. tiny ) Alfa master cylinder just “ain’t gonna cut it” ! More good news. Tilton will be more than happy to sell me a PAIR of 3/4 inch master cylinders and balance bar. A few minor modifications to the brake lines and such, and I’ve got two Tiltons “hung off” the old , and now non-functioning, brake booster canister.

Looks Wierd… but Works Great !
Hit these brakes without your seatbelts on and your face WILL meet the windshield !

Limerock has brake markers starting at ‘5’ and going down to ‘1’. I used to brake right around the ‘4’ mark. I now brake on the other side of the ‘1’ mark !

At the Alfa Owners Club Driving School at Road Atlanta in July, there was more than one driver ,who had been behind me and wanted to know - “Just how long AFTER I hit the brakes, do the brake lights actually come on ?” They couldn’t believe HOW DEEP I could drive MORTIMER into a turn before “throwing out the anchor”. Once I showed them just HOW BIG the anchors were, they simply walked away, shaking their heads.

I had three drivers share the car ALL day in 100+ degree heat . None of us had ever driven Road Atlanta before, but we managed to run respectable times in the 100 (seconds) range. Our class at the Time Trials the next day , was won with a time of 110, but unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the Time Trials as I had to DRIVE Mortimer home to be at Brigdehampton on Monday !

I DROVE it to Atlanta (from New Jersey), beat the HELL out of it ALL DAY at Road Atlanta, then drove it back home and beat some more out of it at Bridgehampton, all in one week and MORTIMER loved every minute of it !

Mortimer II is “dead neutral”, with stock sway bars, heavy duty springs and the shocks set hard front , soft rear and the gas pedal always set “on the floor”. Mortimer could care less if you go into a turn too early or too late ! A little more throttle or a little more steering corrects just about any mistake you make. He also doesn’t seem to mind if you occassionally go from forth to third when you really wanted fifth ! The motor “zings” to over 7000 with no ill effects so far and I haven’t touched the motor since I first built it 1 and a half years ago.

About the only problem that I have encountered, has been with the engines operating temperature. Initially it insisted on running at 220 degrees… all the time ! It didn’t seem to hurt anything but 220 is just a wee bit high for an Alfa motor. After eliminating all of the obvious causes, I opted for a triple core radiator, angle-mounted for better air contact, and an electric fan. This brought it down to 210 degrees and running straight distilled water and a product I got from IMP called “WaterWetter”, I dropped it down to right around 200 degrees. It now runs just fine at a constant 200 degrees, regardless of the ambient temp. or the load, (highway cruising or racing). But for those hot Sunday nights sitting in Long Island ExpressWay traffic, I added a water injector system that shoots water directly onto the top of the radiator core which takes 20 degrees out of it
with a couple of “squirts”. I modified the hood latches so that the back of the hood can be left open about an inch to vacate the hot air from the engine compartment and a GTV-6 rear muffler heat shield was cannibalized to keep the header heat away from the master cylinders and brake fluid reservoirs !

Again, looks wierd, works great !

Come to think of it, “looks wierd, works great” just about sums up MORTIMER II …
image image image

But if you gotta ride… You GOTTA RIDE IN STYLE ! ! !

Mortimer is certainly NOT one of the faster cars to come to our PDA Driving Schools, but I doubt very much if ANYONE has MORE FUN than I do, especially when I’m at Bridgehampton playing “bumper-tag” with Ed and his race-prepared Alfa Romeo Pickup Truck !

Ah, Yes… the Alfa-Camino ! But that’s another story…


Love me some Alpha Rs. I’ve done 2 GTV6s. Them Italians are a creative bunch. First few times I worked on it, I had to wonder if they’d ever looked at how every other auto maker built cars.

Definitely fun cars and if I ever get a chance to get myself into a GTV, I will.



No Alfa built cars the right way, with passion :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


used to do a lot of speedway on bikes, 500cc to now 899cc metanol burnin firebreathing Jawa or sears allstate’s (same thing) some Enfield, AJS ,JAP BSA441 singles, stripped it down to a single gear, nothing it didnt need to run, bent handlebars and no brakes. none nada.usually 14:`1 compression, ,no starter as in bump start only, and a kill/teather switch to kill the motor… constant powerslide or "drift "as they call it now. if ya saw the bales or the crowd,in a turn you messed up and were on your way down. speeds around 140 in the short straights, then throw it over, drive it in and hope like hell it sticks while "steel shoeing "it round the turn…4 lap races, usually done in 60 seconds… ya’ll going to make me break out
the old scolloped edge Polaroids from that and thunder and lightnin stuff//////// HERES SOME WEB PICS so you know what im talking about, first a 899cc jawa, then a vintage 500cc JAWA single, like i used to run, and a pic of being in the dragons mouth, drove in hard, sparkin the shoe… it used to have a huge following but it sorta fizzled out, but it is got a loyal following in the states, and a huge following overseas. wintertime in norway they add spikes to the tires and do the same damn thing on ice… that is Hardcore…

ya know i still got most the bits, still go a old Rickman speedway frame, halfa dozen DUCATI powerplants, wheels out tha wazoo, ya’ll gonna end up making me drag out tha steel shoe again…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


@GOBLIN On the last picture , is that a Ducati in the lead. I ask because the logo on the front of his shirt and on his left shoulder look very Italian , as in Alfa logo Italian :smiley: I see Jawa on the front of the forks, Is that the bike or engine


that one is a JAWA 500cc, both are if youl look at the cam cover, you see the oilpump mounted in the same spot. Lot of the forks used were early Cerrani off the dukes, lil more than a spring mounted at the very bottom(see the boot) Ive got 3 or for of those front ends laying in the attic as well. this is a better pic of the side of a JAWA engine.

to me, this would be the one to have, a torque monster called the JAP. those were the same people that held the speed record for a long time, with a Brough Superior. this one is a 49 rotax JAP.


@GOBLIN They used to run flat track bikes on the harness racing track at the local fairgrounds where I grew up. All being gear heads, my buds and I were frequently track side. There were quite a few dirt tracks in the area as well for sprints, late models and mod stockers. In fact two of my step-brothers used to field a late model and did pretty well for a number of years. Unfortunately, one of those tracks just made the national news this past weekend as a volunteer was killed when a sprinter breached the infield fence.

Wondering if that b&w racing photo you posted isn’t from the UK, I note the leathers of the rider on the left say “Ipswich”.


@GOBLIN Thanks Buck’ Those are Just Too Cool of Pictures and S:sunglasses:ome of your
Past !


YEP it is a 70S UK photo, Im going to start digging some others out of the boxes , of mine, speedway and thunder and lightning… on dirt track…


Great stuff you guys!:+1:


@GOBLIN Did you see the price on the 1936 Crocker Small Tank at this weeks Mecum Auction

$825,000 SOLD


@godallmighty @GOBLIN That’s quite a chunk of change for a bike, though I accept a rare one.

Fun fact about Crocker, if you check out the auction listing you’ll note the name Paul Bigsby in the build credits. It just so happens Mr. Bigsby was not only a bike racer and employee of Crocker, he later went on to invent the legendary Bigsby trem for guitars. Almost any guitarist will likely recognize the last name in a form similar to this.



@chilipepper Thanks for the great piece of detective work. :+1:


Crockers were fast. they damn expensive and a Canadian company is bring em back out with original castings on the motors, so everything looks right, BUT upgraded internals as well as suspension and brakes. prices will be $160,000.00and up
you think a crockers expensive look up Brough Superior running a JAP motor… last locked up basket case i saw for sale real rough was $280,000
LOL i make the restoration guys cry though I have a original Crocker Tail light on my shovel head, to them that is sacrilege :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:
out of likes again…


@godallmighty I’ve come to find I retain quite a lot of useless information, and I don’t even realize I’m doing it. I’d be hard pressed to tell you what I ate this week, yet I know $hit like this…go figure…:rofl:


The rains are back. Time for some new wets