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Tooless recoil pin

Yqll already know by the title,what I thought would make my life easy has given me a headache.i stripped and upgraded the entire gun and my problem is that stupid pin.im was able to compress the spring and pop the plastic catch out. But juggling the bars in the middle now and trying to compress the spring then popping in the pin in place is proving to be the hardest part.any advice or easier way to compress the spring im at the point of having to by a new spring since the plastic catch is already out.


as my hands are beat up and older, I took 2 pieces of thinner gauge stainless sheet bout 1 inch wide X6" long, cut a 1/4 notch bout half way thru in the center. that allowed me to pull down with one slid in high, and lock with the second at the split. long as you have the spring in a block it makes it easier to compress. then you just rotate the arms on the wire like Chris did in the video.


Try this method. Many of us have done it this way and it’ll only take a couple minutes.

Originally posted by @tinktrain1…Got mine today these a very easy way to clamp the spring down, remember a spring will act like a bolt, put the supplied allen key between the 2 parts like Chris said grab the spring and spin it round and round. because the allen key is held in place the spring will slide past the allen key tightening as it passes it. its that easy. no fuss no muss. I was able to get over 1/2 space between the spring and the pin with little to no effort. No tools needed!!! Then pop in the new part and twist the other way less than 1 minute complete time spent…

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This has been covered a few times already. The bottom line, dont give up, and you’ll most likely get it done!
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Almost went to bed defeated last night,lights were off and I was on my bed last effort reading when I came across the Allen key twist method to compress the spring,this is by far the easiest method.you literally put something slim in etween the lower bar in the center of the spring and turn and the spring starts to compress. Simple and easy,without having to make a jig just to instal a pin. Some of these methods are nits or overly complicated all for a pin. Gun is all done just need to time my compensator.


Once I got the spring down I clamped a hemostat on it and held it down

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This is the BEST hack EVER!!! Thanks for sharing… M-Carbo needs to include this in their videos!


Yes, Chris could show both ways to do it. This is definitely a great way to get it installed, especially for those of us who are older and don’t have the hand/finger strength that we had in our younger years. Arthritis is a little b!tch.

It truly was a lifesaver. I had already ordered a new recoil spring, the bench block and armorers tool because I thought they were needed. All set now and super stoked I found this site and had awesome members share their experience. Hope to help someone else down the road to pay it forward! Now I just need to shoot the darn thing!