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Too Damn Old and 15 characters

I saw a post from a member from Charlotte where I used to live.(small world)
Maybe he will see this and reply?
Now I can’t find it.:sunglasses:
He said he worked in the Providence area (nice part of town).

I spent 30 years on Oaklawn, and etc.
I could never get away from public housing projects. I am an expert.
I have worked in Providence and all parts of Mecklenburg.

My home was in Mathews.

I got too old to be a cop and was put out to pasture.

Here is my last photo with CMPD after I was too old to do the job.
It was a footrace to honor a couple fallen cops - ‘Nobles and Burnette’. I knew those guys well, so of course lined up.
I was no longer a cop.

Many civilians from Charlotte showed up. It was a competitive race. Cops and such then numbered around 1500 and many lined up.
The rookie class was required to compete.
Here I am as a geezer and “too old” with the rookie class.
Maybe you know some folks here?

How did my day go? I beat all the rookies, all the cops, and all the civilians over 40.
Maybe I had a year or two as a cop left in me?


If you need help, who do you want showing up? It might be a guy with experience.