M*CARBO Brotherhood

Tomorrow is America’s 244th birthday 💥

We live in an imperfect country, that’s certain.

We live in a broken country, that’s clear.

We live in a divided country, that’s sad.

We also live in a great country. It doesn’t matter where you started in this country, you can go anywhere and follow your conscience to become who you want to be, who you are called to be.

On this day, I choose to remember the group of imperfect people who came up with a grand idea all those years ago and all those who have stood up to declare their allegiance to something bigger than themselves since then.

Nope. No perfect people. Just people.

Idealists? Maybe. But if believing that your home, as imperfect as it is, is a gift worth defending, protection, loving, and nurturing into all that it could be, then call me Idealist.

You can choose to see her for her failures. That’s your right.

I see her for who she can be, if we would all embrace the great ideals that are behind America. That’s my right.

Happy Independence Day.

Keep Learning,


Well said, Cico7. Well said, indeed



Thank you for your inspiring wisdom today.


Best “experiment” going on the planet that :eye: know of…

Happy 244th to the USA!!! :v::sunglasses:


@cico7 that’s real talk right there, let’s all remember that if there were no men to take a stand before us, this country would be a heck of a lot different. We MUST be prepared to do the same. Happy 4th all you fine gentleman.


Preparing to present my SALUTE to the USA heard in ALL of these mountains…:boom::boom::boom::v::grin: