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To P or not to (+)P

YIKES! muzzle swept?!? Wow…scary.im getting HST 124grn. for 26.50/27./50(tax included)for box of 50.+P is a dollar higher.


My kid swept me once, toward the knees and i jumped and ran for cover in the grass just for dramatic effect even though i saw the bolt locked open, just so he would remember. I wish we could get a waiver signed at the range that you would agree to a smack in the face, or wedgie at least if you act like a numbskull (or a douchebag)


Don’t be making these wild axx claims without Linkies.

Ok, please share your source.

Will they ship to TX?

I want sum too.


I’d rather they be banned from the range until they pass a safety class.


Give me the link, brother, and I’ll dance at your wedding.


DAMN! Really people?!? Sorry! Here ya go…now idk if they do online delivery-so don’t crucify me,I just know they keep at LEAST 10k of several flavors of different grns of 9mm & 5.66 as an example…im sorry.what was the question?oh! RIGHT!-FORDS GUNS AND MORE(870)668-3368 Batesville AR.tell them a friend of James King refers you


Yeah NO!,I’m going to have to take an avid stand here and advocate what a brother said on his u tube channel-Wich I’m sorry BUT, that makes you arrogant Hippocrates of a sort of if you strip all the CRAP away…if you are so worried about them,would it take a few minutes out of you’re range time to make sure they even KNEW how to handle the weapon,much less SHOOT IT?!? I WOULD! I live in a rural area so I don’t get much range time,but I hear storys…you guys should be ashamed of yourselves! I swear…how did YOU learn? Geeze…so you would rather spank them for screwing up,or make them have training before going to the range.-I understand you mean range saftey,but don’t you y’all think you might take one under your wing for like 30? Mins? Change a life?


I feel like you’re confusing teaching someone to operate and shoot their firearm with basic range safety. I don’t care if they can hit a target or know the operation of their chosen gun but there are big signs everywhere at the range telling them what to do regarding safety. There’s also a thing called common sense. And as we are not RSOs or employees of the range, it is not really our place to reprimand or school another parton.

You are making the gross assumption that they would take kindly to having someone “tell them how to do things”. My personal experience is that most guys at the range act like they already know what they’re doing and as such would likely get rather irritated rather quickly if some stranger approached them to show them how to handle themselves at the range. Maybe it’s just me but I tend to avoid irritating others when they’re holding a loaded gun, particularly if I don’t know them personally.

So, no, I’m not ashamed of myself.


Assuming part of this is aimed in my direction too…[quote=“Lurch, post:27, topic:9299”]
if you are so worried about them,would it take a few minutes out of you’re range time to make sure they even KNEW how to handle the weapon,much less SHOOT IT?!? I WOULD! [/quote]
Of course! Every time ! Someone who is to be honest enough to ask about range etiquette ahead of the numbskullery, deserves as much time as it takes. However, during my visual check of range neighbors, i dont go around offering assistance, because 95% of people do NOT want to be bothered, and may even feel threatened.

[quote=“Lurch, post:27, topic:9299”]how did YOU learn? Geeze…so you would rather spank them for screwing up,or make them have training before going to the range.-I understand you mean range saftey,but don’t you y’all think you might take one under your wing for like 30? Mins? Change a life?
short answer, Yes Of course mentoring is important…
(long answer) --> but I think thats best done well ahead of getting to a range. Just the same way most of us started driving in a parking lot or dirt road out in the country. An organized range is like the interstate highway of shooting. Youre surrounded by strangers with deadly potential, and everyones in a hurry, not to mention communication is seriously impaired. Not a conducive environment for training.
The smack (obviously meant as a joke) is figuratively intended to point out an ignorant fool who wasnt smart enough to ask for help before becoming a danger.
Conversations out in the gun shop waiting area before or after are where i like to engage my fellow shooters that day.


Thank you. Seems you have an awesome local brick and mortar. Absolutely happy for you. Brief investigation failed to turn up a portal for online trade. I submitted a request to join face place group.

They open in 2 hours , but I doubt they are set up to ship Hazmat. Just gonna have to ask. I see myself loading down next time I roll thru AR - been almost 15 years since my last crossing, so your supply is prolly safe. Fair warning though … my beard grows right down my neck if I relax the trimming.


I guess one has to make a distinction between ranges that are unsupervised and ones that are actively supervised by Certified RSOs (or, at least, someone who has been ‘designated’ to act as the RSO for the day). In my experience as the Chief RSO of a very large outdoor range that has ~3,000 badge-holders (members), I can testify that the level of knowledge and experience varies from none to expert on any given day. Our job as RSOs is to observe all active shooters for adherence to the copious list of safety and operational rules. We do not mentor or teach individual shooters about how their particular firearm operates.

Ok, there are times when we have to show a shooter how to lock back the action on their 10-22 or on their AR, or tell them the difference between a barrel and a chamber on a revolver (to make certain the Empty Chamber Indicator is inserted properly during a ceasefire.) Otherwise, we do not get involved unless the firearm presents a safety issue that the shooter can’t resolve on his/her own – e.g, an FTE or a possible squib.

I do remember one day a couple of summers ago when I was on duty and I saw a newbie badge-holder walk up to the range with a long brown box. Out of curiosity I approached him and discovered he had a new-in-box shotgun that he had just purchased and he asked if I could show him how to put it together. I politely declined and based on his complete lack of knowledge, I asked him to leave the range, take a shotgun class, and return when he had a working knowledge of his shotgun.

As an RSO working multiple ranges populated by dozens of active shooters, we simply cannot take time away from our observational duties to “teach” people. Since we do normally have highly experienced shooters on the range, I would ask one that I know to help a person with their firearm, but they seldom “volunteer” to help unless asked … and if they do see a safety issue, they usually call the RSO over to handle the situation.


Bang. This is how I feel it should be handled. No RSO on duty … you are the RSO that must handle it. Approach carefully, politely and “prepared to take positive control of the muzzle,” but also be prepared to pack up and leave if the problem is not correctable.

I have reported a few folks over the years. I have also had careful discussion, have packed and moved and I did disarm one beligerant shooter (the beligerant shooter was a friend that apologized later).

I’m not employed as a RSO, but I am NRA Certified to do the job.


I don’t give a crap if they know how to shoot, I give a crap if they know how to NOT shoot. Every range has rules posted prominently, but all they’ve seen is TV and movies and those make it look easy so surely they can do it too. I’m not a qualified instructor or a RO so it’s not my place to do anything but protect myself and others.

A lot of these noobs never even held a gun until last month - they don’t know much, but more importantly, they don’t want YOU to know they don’t know much. Of course, anyone with experience can tell but that doesn’t make them less dangerous. Many certainly won’t ask for help, much less training, and are offended if you offer it.


BOY HOWDY! SOUNDS LIKE I STEPPED ON MY MEAT!-first let me say before I forget,if you want to roll through batesville AR to hook up with my connection,you don’t need a damn beard that looks like ZZ TOP or duck dynasty man,that’s a stereotype.what? You hear ARKANSAS and think HILLARY-I MEEN HILLBILLY?!? I grew up in southern CA man LOL…now then,I don’t know WHAT kind of ranges you guys go to,AND I apologize if I pissed you off-I guess my point was taken wrong-ish…i don’t BELONG to a RANGE,persay so I’m not following 100% on your rebuttal attacks…“open range” or state funded,is basicly “people run on behavior,respect&respect for the range”.people are Differnt also.as in attitudes…the people I run into consintely are the type that will come ALL the way down the firing line to a total stranger and say something like “hey,this keeps jamming” or something like that…ive stopped firing to see if I could help(I can still shoot at a half assed target at town)I would just as soon sacrifice my time to get someone else back online,that’s just the kind of butthead I am.and helping people and trouble shooting(no pun)is in my nature…ah hell,if your gonna be pissed off,I guess y’all are gonna be pissed off anyway…over&out


@Lurch First off, if you’re stepping on your own meat, you probably should have looked into a career in porn, just sayin’…:grinning:…now on to my reply…

I don’t think anyone is pissed off at you, just saying that most guys at the range don’t take kindly to being told anything, particularly if they aren’t asking…unless the guy giving orders is wearing a glow-orange vest with RSO on the back. Then they listen because they know they’ll get tossed if they don’t, possibly permanently. Ranges like the one I frequent are hard to come by around here, most guys won’t risk it and comply with whatever orders are given.

If someone is asking for assistance, by all means I’ll help if I can…and I have. But they are asking, which insinuates a need for assistance and a desire to learn something. In a few cases I’ve seen someone struggling with something and I might have offered a tool or some information to help them out, without them asking…hell, it’s what sent me on my quest for my HQL and how I got addicted to shooting pistols. Lent a guy my AR sight tool and he offered a mag through his Sig Sauer in return. But offers of assistance tend to be taken differently than telling someone how to handle their gun or check their muzzle. The reaction can vary as much as people do and I’m not interested in getting the guy who’s got a short fuse and having a bad day with his new AR build. I tend to move away and let an RSO know, let them address it. It’s part of what they do and due to their position of authority, the individual is more likely to check his $hit or risk losing his range privileges.

At the range I go to, the number of RSOs varies depending on attendance, on a busy day, they’ll have at least three (usually four), one for each pistol range, one on the rifle line and a floater that moves between, plenty to keep an eye out for stupid $hit and they’re really good about it, too…and quite honestly so are 99.99% of the patrons. No one wants to get shot, tends to ruin one’s day as I understand it. But people get comfortable, they get lax and that’s when it happens. The only thing I control is my actions, so I just make sure I’m not endangering someone else with what I’m doing.


You didn’t piss me off, but I don’t want to be shot “by accident” because someone either doesn’t know any better or they’re acting all Rambo. The RSO is the only one with authority to discipline bad range behavior.

I keep an eye on people at the range I don’t know. Hell, I keep an eye on people I DO know. I’ll certainly help if someone asks or if they’re having obvious problems, but if they’re acting dangerous I don’t want them anywhere around me until they STOP acting dangerous.


Same helpful mentality here @Lurch, and in no ways am i any sorts of pissy. Its productive to have healthy debate to better connect with the variety of backgrounds and cultures of this world.
I think what we have here maybe a case of southern culture, which has a WAY higher comfort level in general. I know as soon as i cross the kentucky border drivin south, the smile on my face tends to show much more often, and i become much more accomodating. We have that helpful southern mentality here in detroit, but its mixed 50% in a blender with 35% sarcasm, 10% arrogance and 5% ice cold straight faced delivery. Kinda have to work a little harder at finding the good intentions in a strangers conversation.



I should explain my Neckbeard reference - prolly a regional slur that didn’t make it that far north.

Last time ammo (mostly 22lr) was scarce, shooters here learned to intercept deliveries at Wal Mart. While waiting on line in the wee hours of the morning, we met a class of buyers we came to refer to as neck beards. Neck beards were the guys buying limits of ammo they didn’t intend to shoot. The bragged about stores of ammo numbering 10s of thousands of rounds. And they giggled like bearded schoolgirls as they explained getting $20+ for a $2 box of 22lr.

The only way we got ammo at fair prices was to wake up at dawn and wait on line with them. We pretty well despised them for the inconvenience they were causing and for extending the 22lr ahortage long after production had met supply demands.

So, my threat to grow my beard down my neck was a warning to buy what you need before I get there. My threat was in jest. It was delivered to identify that as a stock the heck up price - at that price I’m good for another case of 9mm and 45.

I am seriously planning to make a huge bullet buy before unmothballing the Hornady LnL to roll my own. My chosen bullets are the non expanding cnc’d solids that cost 'bout the same as your HSTs.


Ahh,perhaps I replied to causticly…


CNC solids…would that be the “Phillips head” bullet? That works on fluid dynamics(I believe the term is)rather than the exspansion of a hollow point?