To accept a damaged gun?

The problem is I have been looking for a Henry single shot 350 Legend for a long time. I found one at a small shop across the country and they shipped it to my dealer. Unfortunately it was damaged in shipping. What would you do? I’m more concerned about the damage to the forearm. The muzzle just needs a dab of cold blue being it’s not close to the crown. Do you think Henry would send me another forearm? It’s my first Henry so I’m unsure of their customer service reputation.

I’m going to hunt with it so it’s going to get dinged up. I just hate paying retail for something and it being dinged when I get it. The problem is, there are no more available that I’ve been able to find other than one on gunbroker for about $250 over retail.

What would you do?


I believe they would. I have no personal experience w/Henery CS but have heard good things from satisfied owners. A call Monday would settle it for you, one way or the other.


I can vouch for Henry CS first hand, went beyond what most would do (in my experience). They really want you to be happy with your Henry.

That said, as the damage happened in transit, not sure how that would play out. Have you notified the vendor you purchased from? Did the deal include shipping insurance? Henry may still sort you out, regardless.

Let us know how you make out.


Good to hear.

They were supposed to insure it for shipping. Charged me $40.

I just found out about it late last night. My dealer is a friend of mine. I figured I’d give them a call Monday morning. I’m just not sure if we should transfer it to me today or wait to see what the selling dealer / Henry will do. I’m not sure if it even matters.


I suspect that if you do the transfer, that will indicate acceptance to the vendor. Once that happens it might be a tougher deal. The downside is, it isn’t really the vendor’s fault, assuming the gun was fine when it left their shop. If it was insured, you probably need to file a claim with the shipping partner…never done that but I feel fairly confident the process is probably a major PITA. That said, Henry might do right by you, regardless. I think I’d talk to the seller first, then the shipper (if insured and you’re up for filing a claim), then Henry.

My only though in looking at the photos is, they maybe should’ve overboxed the Henry carton. If I’m not mistaken, even Henry doesn’t ship directly in their white boxes with the graphics. Not a whole lot of protection in them and the guns can shift a bit.


It was shipped in another box and it appeared fine from the outside. Ups also did not require a signature at delivery. They left it at my friend’s door. (Home based FFL). I guess I will hold off on the transfer and contact everyone tomorrow.


Hmmm…the plot thickens. Was there a shipping label (to your FFL) on the inner white box, by chance? Sometimes shippers will overbox damaged parcels, not really knowing if the inside contents are damaged or not. Had this happen to me before. The damage to the inner box looks substantial enough, surely if that happened when inside another box, that box would show damage as well…I would think.

Before purchase, did the vendor supply you with photos of the actual gun or just images from Henry’s website?

I’m not sure if signature is always a requirement for insured parcels, but I thought firearm deliveries to FFLs had to be, or at least received by a living human. Seems strange that they just dropped the parcel as well, but maybe your buddy has an arrangement with them. My go-to FFL is a small retail gun shop, he’s only open from 10-5 M-F, so all of the shippers (including USPS) hold the parcels until next business day.

The waiting sucks, I feel ya. But in this case it will probably work best for you to play it this way. Hopefully you’ll be able to get a good result.

FYI, if Henry sends you replacement furniture, you’ll likely get the entire set, so you’ll have a spare butt stock along with the spare damaged forend. They’ve sent me two sets of wood furniture for two different guns in an attempt to resolve fitment issues, I think they send full sets to ensure a better wood/finish match. :+1:


No shipping label on the Henry box. The outer box showed this in the forearm area.

I did not get pictures of it at all bought it over the phone. But I was told it was new and in new condition.

He said they have to sign for all firearm packages and were home when it was delivered but never heard the doorbell or a knock on the door.

I’ll have some answers tomorrow hopefully. I wanted the gun today but it’s really not a big deal.


UPS owns this damage. I would not transfer the gun yet.
Henry will certainly repair the rifle but it is not a warranty issue so they will probably charge for the parts.
It will be necessary to either file a claim or return the rifle to the seller.
Both of these suck but this damage is not on you and you should not have to seek repair for the in transit damage.
I would call Henry just to see what they can do for you. They are a stand up company and as Chili stated their customer service is exceptional.


Good luck. Filing claims with UPS is a PITA.


Well, we’re certainly not doing a whole lot to boost his confidence on this one…though the truth can be brutal at times. :rofl:


Yeah I know going after ups will probably be a waste of time but I’m going to try it. Hopefully the seller can handle it.

Unfortunately the selling dealer is closed on Mondays. I called Henry and got a call center saying I will get a return call within 1 business day. I guess I won’t have any answers until tomorrow at least.


Henry just called back.

There is a recall on the single shots. If mine needs the update, they want me to send it in and they will do the update and do the stock and barrel at the same time. If it has the update done already they will mail me a stock and forearm.

Can’t argue with that. Henry is stepping up when it’s honestly not their fault at all. I was simply inquiring about how to get it fixed.


They seem to be good like that. Don’t think I’ve ever encountered a company that goes to the lengths Henry will to make sure you’re happy with your firearm.

Glad to hear you’re getting some satisfaction, if not from the actual offender. Here’s to hoping your gun needs the recall update…felt a bit weird saying that, but… :grinning:


Is it me or does that Henry box look a bit tired. Are you sure this gun is factory new? I’m struggling to figure out how it got so beat up so bad inside another box. I’d be suspicious of the seller not being totally honest.



I agree with you. I have no way to verify that the selling shop is being honest. The gun appears new other than the obvious flaws. I have not seen it in person yet.

My friend who is also my FFL dealer says about 10% of the guns he receives from wholesalers are damaged and they can care less. He has to go to manufacturers to get things remedied. So I can see that the shop may not be at fault in the condition of the gun but could be guilty of not disclosing it to me.

Either way it seems as though it’s getting taken care of by Henry.

Ohh and it has the updated parts on it already so a set of stocks will be shipped to me instead of shipping the gun back to Henry.


As others have said, Henry’s customer service is outstanding. I’ve been lucky with online purchases with firearms. But also as others have said, making a claim for damages with a carrier is a huge hassle. Designed to discourage, make you give up. USPS is the worst. UPS and FedEx not much easier. Glad to hear this ended well.


I was able to pick it up today.

No signs of it being fired. The box doesn’t show any evidence of anything to cause the forearm damage.

It’s a cool little rifle I may need to attempt to make a spacer for the stock to lengthen it for my 6’6” frame.

Can’t wait to take it out.

Henry said I should receive the replacement wood in about a week so all is well.

The owner of the selling dealer reached out and would have done whatever it took to make me happy as well. I spoke with him for a little while over the phone. He just acquired the business a couple weeks ago and he’s trying to figure things out. Super nice fella. I doubt I’d buy anything there again due to no website with inventory listed but if I ever had another tip they had what I needed I’d give them another shot.


Good looking rifle brother. Im glad henry is fixin you up with new forearm. That rifle looks alot like the h&r or new england single shot rifles that used to be made. Wood and finish looks a little higher end but being a henry thats expected. I had a new england single shot 25-06 years ago. It was my first hunting rifle. It was a great rifle and super accurate.


I know exactly how you feel, not much for what I call “chicken wing” (I’m 6’5"). LOP’s a bitch when you’re a knuckle dragger… :+1:

Nice looking shooter. Glad to hear you’ve got it and everything is getting sorted.