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I have the cure for that !


I will feed squirrel all day long ! Want to know what the cure is ?


@Turmeric1 I like how you got that rear sight to co-witness. :+1:

I drilled out the rear on my wifes for the same result for hers. While it works just fine for a 25yard zero if she has to do any serious hold-overs the rear then becomes a problem of course.



Lol. I know the cure but they have named him, “mr. Fuzzy Britches” and if I did that I would be sleeping in the shop!


To be accurate that is how it really should be. The angle is just a bit different,as you know. But the correct combination of red dot and mount is the tricky part. When you can figure out how to get both ways of getting the 2 sight pictures close then it makes for an effective “backup” sighting picture !
I was able to do the same for my TAVOR For 100yds.


In my case ,just turn off dot and compensate with open sights. I guess that is what practice is for.


@Turmeric1 yup, I know…you just gotta understand that my wife likes all the bells and whistles! Lol. I must have spent an hour one day explaining “the problems with lasers” and why it is better to run a light that back-lights your sights.

She is a natural, but explaining ballistics, hold-overs, etc, just makes her eyes role over in her head. (I love math and long distance shooting, she doesn’t).

But in fairness my eyes glaze over when she talks about sporting clays, true pairs, and homeruns. Lol


You may already know this but the tabs labeled “A” in the photo below not only deploy and fold the rear sight but they also lock it in the upright position. If you cut them off at the approximate location shown, you can manually fold the sight down out of the way. The downside is that the sight will no longer auto-deploy when you unfold the firearm and you will have to manually raise it into position. I personally find that an acceptable tradeoff for being able to get it out of the way of the red dot.

New To The SUB: What Height For Red Dot Mount?

@JoeFridaySays Now that I see the pics it is a rather obvious solution…that I never thought of! :joy: :+1:

I just configured mine to run “slick” just as a PCC game gun. Is just easier and simpler for the fast, steel stages our RM favors.


Nice ! Have you tried the function test on it ?:smiley:


Which function test are you talking about ?
A The moon shot retrieval tool
B Shooting the gun with red dot on through rear sight.
C My blunder in polishing and adjusting my sear
D Turning off red dot to use open sights.
E The cure for over feeding @Wedge 220/221 or whatever .
F All of the above.


in low light situations with the red dot in line with the open sights you can use it as an illuminated front post.

With rear sight up, or down, you can train how to keep your eyes to follow the open sights. if you move off line you will see the dot move away from the front post and then you know immediately you are off target with the post.


I do that with the green reticle on my Holosun. Works great and I love the ring around the green dot with the “tick marks” at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions.


I will have to look into that type of redicle on a dot type sight.


It’s a great optic. You can have the full dot/reticle, just the dot or just the reticle. This picture has everything lit up and you still get like 30K hours of battery life with the solar cell augmentation, which also provides auto brightness settings. :+1:


So how do you get the picture of the link into the message ?


THe long life of battery is why I started buying Primary Arms advanced microdots. 50K hrs,.
I think HOLOSUN makes them for PA.

I have 4 of them for different guns, mounted on QD mounts.

Those holosuns are pretty affordable also


I just copy/pasted the picture from the link to my desktop and then added it here like you’d do with any other photo.


The Holosun is also spec’d to get 50K hours using only the green dot. I have the Elite 510C version.


A of course! will Reread your post’ I Shoot mine via the rear sight and red dot and front sight post just a top like the AR.