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@JoeFridaySays I know that this was posted a while ago, great project. Thanks for the pictues


You’re welcome. I went to the range the other day to sight in a red dot, but ran out of time before checking how much the notch sight changed the elevation. I’ll try to do it the next time. My best guess is a couple of inches at 20 yards which is roughly where the iron sights are now dialed in.


@JoeFridaySays I added some pics of the sights on my Diana to globe sight topic. They are somewhat related to Brian’s modified rear sight. Thought you might be interested in taking a look. Globe sights with inserts


@jeffing65 Thank you


To be truely assbackwards I consider myself to be bassackwards


Afraid of having to look for that moon shot of a detent ball and spring ?
BP BLASTER had the cure for me !


@Turmeric1 sheer genius! Now why didn’t I think of that? (Face palm)


John, it is just a matter of thinking bassackwards.:rofl:


220, 221, whatever it takes. :+1:



Huh? You got me…gotta keep it simple for the jarheads!


It’s from the old “Mr. Mom” movie with Michael Keaton. One of my favorite quotes I use all the time, especially when I know someone’s BS’ing me. LOL


Now , who do you think on this forum would try something like THAT ?


That is a new one on me also. I understand the quote was literary license. It should have been 216-225 because that is the range that it normally is.
No BS intended :zap:


220, 221, whatever it takes. :rofl:


If I seem a little giddyit is because I got back from my “back door” range.
25yds target on the right viridian green laser, target on left Primary arms AMDS dot

Factory sights 10 rounds

Just before the factory sights shots the Range Safety Officer had informed me that I had 6 minutes left, on my 1 hour stay. Well I have a monthly pass. So what the hell. I excused myself and went to the counter and requested another hour. Cool no problem ! I was the only one in the section of stations. I popped off these
10 rounds and the RSO said I did it too fast. I was out of ammo anyhow.

I think I like MCARBO parts !!

PS I also like my 2lb12oz trigger pull.

I also need to say who ever it was that turned me on to LAX ammo :+1::+1::+1:


Same reason why when putting all the upgraded pieces back in the SUB2000, I installed one of the screws to help retain the trigger spring leg from popping out of place. Then when I was ready to put the “half shell” back on, I removed the screw and finished putting it together.


Good Enough !!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Just a little eye candy

Factory sights(with drilled out rear) and red dot. Cowitnessed.


Since my thought processes are some times bassackwards, I think it is a defense mechanism.
A “cluttered mind” is a “happy mind”. The reason for that is that you do not know what you have to worry about.
220/221! Scott, thanks a BUNCH !


I like your sense of humor. I also like the subliminal in this short clip.
The chainsaw, I do not how much of a mess I make of your life and where it is carried," I am a big dick" and I do not care


@Turmeric1 oh no! Don’t encourage @Wedge! (Its like feeding a squirrel…you will regret it!)