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Me 3! If Anybody can screw it Up! I could First Time Around ! But That’s Cause I am 1 of Those Assbackward’s Thinking People That are Left Handed !!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


lol nice! yeah, my eye sights not what it used to be so field of vision is everything. i started a topic about globe sight inserts.
I thought about mentioning it here but I put in a new topic instead.


left handed but in the right mind


I just ordered two replacement OEM rear sights from Kel-Tec at a cost of only $5.00 each. With shipping the total cost was around $14.00. My plan is to drill the first one out as you two and others have for a quicker cleaner sight picture. My old eyes and trifocals are struggling to find and line up on the front sight post; even after painting it fluorescent orange! For the second, I plan to fill in the peep sight hole with epoxy putty, acrylic resin (from my dentist) or something similar then use a Dremel tool to cut a sight notch in the top of the sight. That will effectively raise the sight by about an eighth of an inch, similar to the taller aftermarket sights and still well within the adjustment range of the front sight. That should let me get my cheek up off the bolt tube a bit.

Anyway, for $14, I can safely experiment and then return to the OEM sight if things don’t work out. I’m just not ready to drop $75 for an aftermarket sight at this point.


I think thats a great idea. I had looked at the price for replacements for trying the insert idea. and like you say, they are so cheap you can afford to experiment.


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17/64ths is the Key word here, or the Same in Metric !! It will Align the Edge’s of the Rear to the Edges of the Front Wing Perfectly !!! ENJOY your New Vision Of the Target ! :sunglasses: Can we Say A Nat’s Ass ! Is in the Realm of Visual Possibilities !!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thanks! that will save me some research. I had seen the measurement somewhere, but now I will not have to look it up. Will probably have to buy a bit though 'cause mine are scrambled.


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@DivaMarie mine is the same way. with my butt stock in the forward position, I shoot where the edge of the rear sight aligns with the outside of the wings, and aligns with inside of the wings if you move your head back slightly or if butt stock is extended.


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Remember left handed people are in their right mind


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This is scientifically true, as far as practicality goes, not so sure… :wink:


So Boss have you gotten the Parts from Kel-Tec yet and Tried your new Approach for the Sight Picture Issue Yet.?


Parts arrived late yesterday and I managed to get the drill out done and that one installed before a trip to the range with my son this morning. I used the MCarbo sight dimension (11/64) to start with, figuring I can always drill it larger but can’t go the other way. :smiling_imp:
The other mod is more extensive, of course, but I started on it after returning from shooting the first sight (which worked nicely BTW). It also turns out the Kel-Tec replacement sights are different from the one that came with the gun. I’ll post a more detailed report with photos when I have more time. On that last point though, the sight that came with my gun had straight walls on the well around the sight aperture, the well was significantly deeper, and there were no buttress ribs along the edges of the spine. The replacement sight has chamfered edges on a much shallower well and vertical ridges along the spine for added support. The fit and finish of the replacement is also much lower quality. See the photo below.

Front Sight Post Upgrade

That’s interesting. My factory installed sight is the same as your replacement sight.
I can see from your picture, that your original sight does look to be better quality, and have a better sight aperture.
How much worse is the fit compared to your original?


Your question is partially answered by the first picture below which continues my response to DivaMarie. That shows the replacement sight drilled out to 11/64 installed on the gun with the original sight next to it. In terms of actual function, it performs just like the original, but looking closely you can see excess mold flash and other roughness that I really should have trimmed before installing it. There was even mold flash around the sight aperture itself before I drilled it. You can see that roughness better in the second pic with the original sight next to an unmodified replacement sight.

As for the second phase, I have filled in the sight well on my second replacement and am waiting for it to fully cure before cutting the top level with plans to convert it to a notch sight. I’m not at all sure the fill will hold when I cut the notch so this one could be a major, but relatively inexpensive, failure. Stay tuned.