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Tips & Tricks For S2k


Interesting. I gotta say that is the first muzzle protector I’ve ever seen that is protecting a muzzle protector that is protecting the muzzle.

What you’ve got there is a Muzzle Protector Protector or MPP if acronyms are your thing :sunglasses:.


I do tend to think outside the Box. Box? What Box? Ignorance can be freedom to create. If you don’t know there is a Box…


@JoeFridaySays Sorry Bro


An unanticipated bonus is that slapping the bolt home sends enough air down the barrel to fire it across the room like a cork gun. :smiley:


@JoeFridaySays That sounds like fun, now I have to make one.


@JoeFridaySays …He did not know, He could not fly…
And so he did…


Spread your arms and hold your breath
Always trust your cape.


@JoeFridaySays HAHAHHAHHAHAAAAA!!! I cant even begin to say HOW BIG the smile on my face is. HA!!


to be fair to everyone I will include this. If you dont know what the meaning or significance of what Brian and I said is then take a short pause and go here. https://youtu.be/T6bZ37nexSY


You’ll Poke your Eye Out ! :joy: /Christmas Story’


“You’ll shoot your eye out”

  • “A Christmas Story” :+1:


I could probably find a way to do both.


and at least one will involve a muzzle protector protector. j commonly known as a MPP


It is also a projectile so that would technically be a MPPP or MP3 but I think that acronym is taken.


hahahhahahahahhahahahhaahha… yep, I believe it is.
both a MPPP and taken.


Trigger kit is a good choice. That polymer…ugh. For the 2nd upgrade I’d suggest the rear sight. Just a hair taller that stock so you don’t have to scrunch so much. And the aperture is larger so better target acquisition.


Thank’s for That ! What a neat Artist, How the Hell I missed him and Great Music? :heart_eyes:


Ah, your welcome. one of the great American songwriters.


that s what i am leaning towards for second thing. I drilled out my factory rear sight. It made an improvement.
being up higher would be a plus for sure.


Now that’s Funny! because i just Drilled out the new Folding Sight I got !! And Ya wan’a Talk Field of Vision ! Yea Ha’ It’s Like Looking down a Bowling Lane !!!:joy: