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I was going to start a new thread about things to look for on a new, out of the box s2k, but this might be the proper place.
I haven’t seen anyone mention these two things, and im not sure how common they are, but they were both an issue on my gen2 40.
The first. When sighted in, the front sight pin was far left of center, due to the front sight not being properly aligned straight up on the barrel.
The second. The fore stock had a tiny bit of play if you held the rear grip and then turned the fore stock back and forth. It wasn’t much but it was there. It would certainly have affected any scope and problems with the ability of a folding scope mount to re zero consistently.

I loosened the front nut and set screw, straightened the front sight and re-tightened everything. then the sight pin was centered when re-sighted.
I took the fore-stock off and very lightly sanded both halves so they came together tight on the barrel, before tightening against each other leaving a tiny bit of play.


It doesn’t take much. I did mine very lightly, put it back on, replaced and tightened all bolts and checked it.
It needed just a tiny bit more to be solid so I pulled it and did just a little more. Rock solid after that.


the what it shoulda’ been kit.


I had the same problem on my Sub2K. I mounted the fore end to the barrel at two location through the M lock slots. Rock solid now. R S


what did you use to mount it?


what did you use to mount it? I used a mount from http://www.performanceservicesmachining.com/kel-tec-sub-2000-products/kel-tec-sub-2000-handguard-stabilizer/ Mounted close to the red dot sight, made a vast differenced in accuracy R S


ah yes, I looked at that during the process of learning about the s2k when I first got it. Good to hear it made a positive improvement.
I have had my gen2 for about a year now. I have done no upgrades as of yet. I decided to wait and learn as much as I could about the gun itself, and all the upgrades available, so I didn’t end up making any premature, uninformed decisions. It was the right decision and im glad I did.
By waiting I have gotten the advantage of more choices, and more importantly, all of the experience, wisdom, and advice from everyone here.
The saying… what I will be able to achieve is because I stood on the shoulders of those before me, is never more true.in my case.


Well said: What up grades have you decided on? R S


My first upgrade will be the trigger pack. Guard, flat trigger, spring set.
After that I will I will weigh all that I have gained here to decide what will be next.
And who knows, by that time there might be more choices that don’t yet exist.
More and better things are certainly on the horizon.


Also buy the M*CARBO replacement screws. Trust me you will be thankful for the purchase. R S


@RodSlinger yes, i forgot to mention that. And also probably the trigger bar so it is all in one tear down.
And the simple fact that the trigger bar went from first run with a small, no tiny, hiccup to an addressed, tested, solved and working awesome in a mere 24 hours.
@ChrisNelson where other company’s wouldn’t even have the customer service problem sheet into the hands of someone capable of doing anything about it in that short time.


Might as well add the trigger bar, too, since it’s a great upgrade.


I just swapped from multimag to a glock grip. I definitely recommend getting a new grip from kel tec if yours is showing signs of wear.


So What’s the Hang Up Jeff ? GET ER DONE !!:rofl:


So is the Material they are using for that’ is it like Skate Board Tape texture?


savoring the anticipation?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The sooner you do it, the more you will enjoy, the updrades are definitely worth while, it may not seem like much when you receive it because it comes in a tiny package but it makes a huge difference👍


you are right about that. individual, fine and precision parts are rarely flashy. just look inside any fine watch or clock for example.
But wow, look what a fine device they all create together.


MUZZLE PROTECTION Like others, I bought the Home Depot Husky briefcase for my S2K and it is a tight fit. It may be silly, but I wanted to protect the muzzle from inadvertent zipper scratches as I inserted and removed it and also add some additional protection if I bumped the bag against something. Whatever I used, however, could not add substantially to the length of the firearm.

So I started rooting around the house looking at plastic caps I could scavenge that might fit snugly over the muzzle: lip balm, glue sticks, hand sanitizer, mini hotel shampoos, whatever I could find. We’ve all been there. The wife asks what you are doing and there is no way to rationally explain it, so you mutter, “Oh, nothing, Honey…” or whatever comes to mind so you don’t have to explain the unexplainable.

Well everything I tried missed the Goldilocks zone and was either a little too big or too small. Then I realized that I had something on my workbench that could be adjusted to fit snugly inside the muzzle and would hold a protective cap on over the outside…a plastic drywall anchor. I grabbed a couple of different sizes off the workbench, shaved off the hard wings that bite into the drywall, found the best fit for the barrel, and selected a screw size that expanded it for a snug fit that I could still remove easily. I then cut a hotel shampoo cap down to size, sanded it smooth, drilled a hole and mated it to the anchor for the result shown below. The cap itself doesn’t have to fit snugly because the anchor does. The finished product covers the entire end of the muzzle, adds less than 1/16” in length (not counting the screw head) and cost basically nothing since I had everything I needed lying around. Now, should I paint it or not…



@JoeFridaySays Now you have to go make one to fit your new muzzle brake :rofl:


Now you’ve done gone and given me something to keep me awake at night!