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just for fun i broke out the 7th grade Trig and calculated the diameter of the target area, at 25 yards, seen by two apertures, .125" (original) and .170’’ (enlarged)

8.01 ft = .125"
11.25 ft= .170"

(give or take as i used 14" as the distance between front and rear sights, so not measured, just guessed)

so a difference of 3ft, if my math is correct

just for fun


@500c That’s a useful data point and one I could never have calculated. Thanks for sharing.


@500c I am just catching up on things but it sounds like the guys are steering you in the right direction. Just a couple of things:

Keltec uses a modular assembly system. So older parts can indeed come out on newer guns. They also make rolling upgrades with no generation designation (except S2K). Keltec is also infamous for swearing on a stack of bibles they changed nothing when in fact they have.

Second item, when I read your op it sounded like alignment of sight was fine, it was only when you folded it that it seemed canted to one side? Check your hinge. Brian is correct there can be some lateral play. Replace the pins and screws with the MCARBO ones and you should be fine if minor. If you have major slop at the hinge then you have a factory issue.

Hope this helps and I enjoyed reading your posts.:grin::+1:


hi john
i have a running dialogue going w KT whilst they continue to deny, despite the pics, that they ever changed this sight. stay tuned.

as for the alignment of the front, you may have missed that i, then the factory, rotated the sight to accomodate a running-out-of windage adjustment. they did a poor job


Hi brothers.

Since I got out of the hospital I am catching up on my projects. One of them is a new charging handle for the wife.

I got one of those new and improved SCH…what is the point of that little keyed button? I cannot see fiddling with that thing every time I field strip the gun.

Anyone run without it? What are the issues if you do?

I just don’t get its purpose. I know the cut is shallower, but what does that button do??


@500c Ok, I understand. Like I had said about me not being totally informed on the full previous discussion. That was what I was afraid of by getting in the middle of the conversation without all the info. My apologies for that Tom.

@JoeFridaySays was correct about my statement. I was getting at the idea of the pin not having to be at the exact center.


i just drilled mine out yest to 5/32"…stay tuned for range rpt


i thought i’d give you guys an update about the so-called ‘revised’ rear sight.

so, a few emails later, from Sean at KT, they’ve checked with their ‘engineers’ who confirm that there was never a modification to the rear sight mold. of course i sent them the pictures, and they are in denial on this. the only thing i can think of is the possiblity that they themselves aren’t even aware of the fact that a possibly new supplier changed the mold w/o their actually knowing it?

seems unlikely, but what else can it be?


Sounds like Obsession to me. But you go @500c cos now I wanna hear how this plays out. I’m not a suspense guy and you got me on the edge of my seat :flushed:


@500c Hey Tom, I’m thinking of the Disney Frozen song: Let It Go.:grin: You seem to know more than they do anyway.


haha ok guys, maybe i’m too persistent for my own good :frowning:


I read here the other day how some of you that do the Three Gun matches aren’t exactly thrilled about ‘dropping’ yer good mags-and I don’t blame ya one bit! Well, looky here-would this help out any?


/Facetious on

Nope … I don’t run Glock mags. And that ain’t gonna keep the dirt out.

/Facetious off

Takes a special kinda sump’n to buy an obscure variant then cry, piss and moan about limited and unbalanced support. Some peeplez!


don’t know where to post this…

i went to FAQ re FOlding rear sight mod, and the link no longer works? anyone have the good link, OR, know about the mod and how to do it?

here it is: http://www.thektog.org/forum/f85/fold-down-rear-sight-231529/


i now see that other FAQ links don’t work, eg, http://www.thektog.org/forum/showthread.php?p=2063389#post2063389

i’m still somewhat new her. is this forum moderated? is the FAQ kept up to date? thanks


The FAQ at KTOG was the work of one moderator there. Last time it was relinked, he announced that he won’t be fixing it going forward.

Good news is: the trick is detailed here. Search terms like factory rear sight mod will probably find the posts. That said, I happily replaced my modded factory sight with the M*CARBO folding sight. I just feel better about the replaced bits.


dred, can u say more about “feel better”? sorry if this has been already answered

also, i just searched a variety of terms to no avail…any idea where it is?


@500c Head on over to KTOG forum. Search Sub 2000 forum for easy flip down rear sight mod. 232282. Should be posted Sept. 16, 2009.


wow don, good memory! i found it, tnx


Feel better means aluminum. sight on steel cross pin is more comforting to me than injection molded plastic on aluminum cross pin.