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and the fact that KT sent it back exactly the same way tells me that they regard this (and MY adjustment too) as entirely normal, if esthetically challenged


@500c I was not a fan of the stock front sight with that spring loaded pivot block that the front sight post screwed in to, just to much wobble for me. I went with the Red Lion because it folds for easier use of a red dot and much better windage adjustment.


dave, is the red lion an easy remove/replace on the gen2? heat, locktite, etc…



Yup…just spin the stock front sight off with some heat, spin Red Lion on and center it, snug down the clamp screws and done. I put nothing on the barrel threads but a little Blue Loctite on clamp screws.


got it, sounds good. however, in my case, since it’s only my theory that the reason for the out-of-parallel, and,front sight rubbing against butt cutout, is an out of alignment REAR sight, i would find this to be the case too if i replaced my front with the red lion. maybe my rear is ‘deformed’…maybe if replaced i’d be good. dunno.


I have an early Gen 2 that came with a thread protector that didn’t tighten up against the front sight so the only thing that held it in place other than adhesive was the set screw and mine did rotate out of position enough for the sight to interfere when folding. When I added my muzzle brake I got the Brownells shim kit and I realigned the sight and was able to use the brake as a jam nut and still “time” it in the proper orientation. I suppose the shim kit could also be used to make the factory thread protector function in the same manner. (?)



Do you have an MCARBO rear sight? If not thats the first thing I would do.


no. i’ve considered it but i cannot get an answer from mcarbo (2 phone calls unanswered) or anyone else what the actual sight picture height increase of the peep is compared to the factory. yes, they state it’s overall physical height diff (.08"), but not the ‘sight pic height’ diff…ie, center to center . one nice guy tried to answer this, but then we got caught up in which factory sight, vs notch, vs…orig vs revised…etc.


a reason it was important to me was to determine if i needed to heighten the front. now, with your suggestion re red lion, which i’ve heard before, maybe this is more easily feasible


@500c I have a Gen 2 bought in Mar. 18 and the MCARBO rear peep is same height peep hole and sight itself. Some earlier Gen 2 have a lower rear sight and thats the height difference you speak of.


i have optics, but i wanted to keep steel on this one (and i’ve examined i think every single optics solution, including if i remember correctly, yours)


i see, tnx…



Same here, with the Red Lion front and MCARBO rear peep I really like the set up and don’t really use my Burris Fastfire on it that much.


i know it’s been asked, but again: are you able to get a respectable cheek weld with this setup? (i assume you’re using the mcarbo peep, not notch)?



If your rear sight looks like the first picture it is the older shorter sight, it is a smooth recess around the peep hole. The newer taller rear sight (same height as MCARBO) has little step downs around the peep hole in the second picture.


@500c @dave67

Regarding your rubbing concern first.

Mine doesn’t rub but it is darn close. I will defer to those who have far more experience with the gun and general firearm knowledge. I will note, however, that the hinge where it folds has a fair amount of lateral play and could be contributing to the issue. To that extent, what you and I are seeing might be considered normal.

Fold the S2K but stop short of actually locking it. Now move the upper and lower sections sideways in opposite directions and note just how much “play” there is where the front sight sits in the notch. As long as it zeroes, holds zero and shoots true, I don’t think I would worry if all it does is rub.

But again, I defer to the experts on the Forum.

Regarding Rear Sight

As I told you and @dave67 confirms, the new KT sight is taller. And as he notes, it is the exact same height as the MCarbo rear sight. Unless the latter offers features you want, the KT sight should be adequate. There is just no explaining why KT seems to randomly still stick the older sight on some guns. The front sight post should be fine with either. The front sight pin will NOT work with the Notch rear sight based on reports from others. Maybe Dave 67 knows what else you are looking for beyond the information above regarding the sight picture height increase, but I don’t know what other information there is to provide.
Good Luck


Interestingly mine purchased December 2018 from classic firearms, a high volume online retailer has the older shorter sight. Still must be the old units in the system


@PattonWasRight Maybe you can help me and others. What is your source for the skateboard tape? As you saw from my post, I used 2" tape from the hardware store which created difficulties. I’m sure the skateboard tape is wider.
Also, I personally would prefer rubberized instead of granulated. Is that available in the skateboard tape?

Thanks in advance for any help and stick with that rehab.


A lifetime supply of the stuff for $8. Granular grit, not the rubber. I prefer the rubber but couldn’t source. However, I found if I use a small piece of it to sand the grip pieces lightly, it ended up with a good feel. Not too abrasive.


@PattonWasRight Awesome! Thanks. I’ve been sanding the sandpaper myself. Talk about an oxymoron.