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@500c If the front sight was tilted or rotated off center it is as simple as just heating the front sight threads up with a heat gun and just centering it yourself. Some guys have used a hair dryer and some were able to recenter it with no heat at all but I think heat gun works best.


it was on-center when i rotated it in order to gain the widage leeway needed.

only then was it off-center, ie, not parallel to the rear. and, upon closing the gun, it almost touched the cutout in the stock.

thus, it’s back at KT


What dave67 is correct. It’s a KT factory assembly issue which has gone on for almost a year. I think most people just fix it themselves like I did. It’s a bummer you had send it in but MAYBE KT will fix the assembly line issue. LOL not holding my breath.


Sub 2000 g2 9mm.
My front sight was also canted. I heated it up but when I started moving it I realized it was more than a full turn from seated at the reciever end of the threads., I rotated it all the way in and found it had to be counter rotated about 1 and 1/3 or so to allow the sub to close without the sight catching on the butt stock. There is no set screw on this sight, only the lock nut at the fore end.
Can anyone recomend which lock tight would be the most useful? I’m not sure I trust just the nut with no rear engagement on the sight.


if your using loctite, BLACK MAX LOCTITE380 I been using vibra-tite on mine, but i have a clamp redlion front sight, so i didnt try it there…


I would say the red locktite. It’s going to give you the most permanent hold.



i love boresnakes too (on all my guns) but they all require a proper cleaning, depending on use, at regular intervals.

i have tried a variety of the ultrasonic cleaners. they vary. in the end, i feel that they may be more trouble than they are worth


Well, I finally got to break my new SUB2K’s cherry today. Considering I first purchased it almost 3 weeks before Christmas, it was about time! Talk about a comedy of errors-there is just too many and not nearly enough time nor space to list them all as to why it all took so long. Anyway, all the missing pieces finally arrived and I was able to walk out back and fire off a full 15 rd magazine. No FTF nor FTE’s with the 180 gr FMJ from Georgia Arms. Seems to be more accurate than expected but I was mainly just plinking to see if it would fire-no formal paper targets to check accuracy.It did surprise me somewhat at just how ‘snappy’ it still felt! I have installed a tube cover(TK) a skeletonized CH and red ‘donut’ buffer (both MCarbo) along with the ATI buttpad and was still more recoil than I was expecting. Nothing painful or uncontrollable by any means (FWIW, my first “real” rifle was a Rem 700 in 30.06 @14 years of age) but just more than my G23. Only fired one mag as it was around 28 degrees and I was in a T-shirt. Once we get a warmer day I hope to put quite a few more rounds thru it,see just how accurate it really is and then decide whether to go any further with any more mods. At least it made it past the first 6 or 8 “blown up barrel” rounds!


Some “cost efficient” embellishments. Skateboard tape, the wife’s hair dryer to heat mount them, and some cuts from a bicycle inner tube to make the charging handle more comfortable. If I open the grips up for some internal mods, can slice thru the skateboard tape with an exacto knife, should barely notice the cut when back together.


@PattonWasRight I posted a template for an entire grip cover if you want to expand that concept using essentially the same material. For most people though, the palm and front are what really matter and you’ve got that covered.


Sure! Would appreciate the template, thanks. I’ve got a ton of that skateboard granular stick on material, and plenty of time as I’m just getting done healing up from hip replacement. Should I private message you my email, or? Thanks again


@PattonWasRight It’s actually in the post I linked. Just follow the printing instructions to get the dimensions right after opening the full size image. If you need help, just message me.
Good luck with the grip and your recovery. My wife had the surgery and never looked back.


Ah, I see it now, great thanks Glad your wife is doing well. I’m 2.5 weeks out and I’m already better off than before.



i just got my gun back from KT (supposedly fixing a front site alighnment issue i mentioned elsewhere; and ps i don’t think they actually fixed it. wait for range trip).

so i’ve been able to examine my front sight, and based on your pic, it is clearly the ‘original’ sight. my gun was purchased new in jan '19, and i assumed it was recent production, but based on this, is it not? (KT doesn’t seem to have production dates on the website).

but anyway, my question is: are you sure the ‘replacement’ sight is actually higher than the ‘original’? if so, how much higher (sight picture, not physical height of the sight)?

i apologize if this is covered elsewhere but there are so many threads and posts on this and related subjects.



@500c I don’t pretend to be an expert on Kel-Tec or why they do some of the things they do. I bought my S2K in August 2018 from a dealer with very fast turnover. Like you, I cannot determine an actual manufacture date, but it should have been well after KT switched to a taller rear sight. Even so, my gun also came with the original sight and others have reported the same thing – even quite recently.

Less than a month later I ordered two replacement sights for a project where I converted one of them into a notch sight. What I received was the new version shown in the posted photos.
I do not know, but suspect, that KT still has inventory of the old sights and dips into it when inventory of the new ones runs low in order to keep production running… They have a history of making changes “on the fly” and without announcement, and something like that would not surprise me.

I really don’t have an answer for how the slight difference in height actually impacts the sight picture. As I said in my original post on the subject, I did not need to adjust the front sight, but I drilled out the aperture to a larger size at the same time as I replaced the rear sight with the taller one so I introduced a confounding factor. It is likely that with the larger aperture, my eye saw more of the front sight and simply compensated without the need for any adjustment. It did feel like I was able to get up off the bolt tube a bit with the taller sight. The truth is I did not use the iron sights long enough before switching to an optic to draw any firm conclusions.

As to your particular situation, replacement rear sights are roughly $5.00 plus shipping so I would order a couple and replace the old one on your gun. The reason I said a couple is you might want to try drilling out the aperture on one to see if you like the more open view. I, and several others, find the aperture in the OEM sight too small for our liking; especially since the firearm is not meant for long distance shooting anyway. Having spares means you also can cut the tabs to allow folding and still have a spare that will auto-deploy if you want that.


these are vg thoughts joeF, thank you. i agree re the aperture size of the ‘original’ rear. and i may drill it out too. no harm done.

i will shoot it this wk and see what’s up.

on an only semi-sight related issue (which i posted elsewhere but can’t find it), i had run out of windage adjustment, rotated the front sight (gen2, locktite), and while i could zero it, found that the sight was rubbing against the cutout on the butt when folded. this told me something was wrong, so i called, then sent it to KT for repair.

it came back today (fast, 2 wk turnaround, thank you KT) and to my dismay, it is in the same place (they say they shot it; i wonder how…on a jig/bench, what? ) as before. a crummy (aren’t they all) boresighter tells me it’s approx on target…i’ll find out thurs…but it continues to bug me that a/ it rubs the notch and b/ the sights are not parallel to each other.

so the q: should i worry about this or ignore it, especially if i’m able to achieve zero within the adjustment ranges? what do you guys think?


@500c If the crooked front sight bothers you (it sounds like it does) then straighten it yourself. My front sight was crooked when I bought my S2K so I took a heat gun to it and straightened it because it bothered me. I have since gone to a Red Lion Precision folding front sight.


i don’t think i explained myself. i DID this, and hence, the misalignment with the notch. it required that much rotation to accomplish zero. now, the factory has sent it back in exactly the same state, leading me to wonder (now that it’s going to be out of parallel with the rear) what the heck is actually going on. it can’t be barrel rotation which would not affect this geometry. a deformed rear sight? possibly

bottom line: this is NOT a functional issue, right? it’s entirely esthetic



So you had to rotate the front sight to get more windage?


exactly, and successfully achieved zero, but with front and rear not parallel