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Tips & Tricks For S2k


Just wanted to know from all the long time s2k owners out there if there were any tips and tricks you use to either clear malfunctions or clean the internals etc. I’m new to the sub but have some experience with rifles and handguns, I love using bore snakes to clean the barrels of my rifles, best thing since sliced bread! Does anyone use one of those Sonic cleaners to clean the bolt assembly and if so, does it work?

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Omnivious Try Wipeout by Sharp Shooter I like the foam. This is my go to bore cleaner for guns that shoot jacked bullets. I would stay away from there lead cleaning product as I had damage to the blue finish on a Ruger single action with this cleaner. Their other products are safe to use. I am including a link to Midway, not trying to push you to them, just so you can see the product. https://www.midwayusa.com/s?userSearchQuery=wipeout&userItemsPerPage=48


I currently use the hoppe’s foaming bore cleaner and have had good results from it as far as my pistols go but it’s kinda hard to get the foam down the bore of rifles, especially smaller bores, the nozzle is rectangular and obviously the bore is round, I think hoppe’s may have failed pre k…


If you guys do get the wipe out foam. Put some in a gun you know is clean and wait 8 hrs. and run a white patch through the bore and see what happens. :grin: R S


Hoppes foam is awesome. Wish i had it 20 years ago. I carry a pistol cleaning kit with an extra rod for my sub. Usually clean my guns at the same time so I’ll strip the sub first and put the foam on all the internals and pump some into the reciever end of the barrel. Prop it up so it runs through then start on my other’s. Every so often, I’ll put a few more pumps into the sub. Brush out the barrel, spray some hoppes lube and cleaner down through, spray the brush off, and run it through again. I run folded strips of paper towel through until it’s clean then tear a strip of a Remington oil wipe and wrap it around the brush in a bore snake and run that through.
I bought a decent car detailing brush kit that i use to clean my gun internals. The hoppes spray is nice to use after i brush the foam because it won’t hurt synthetic stocks or wood.


If you don’t have enough money, like myself, to afford a mcarbo charging handle, you can at least temporarily just wrap some Paracord around the thin parts, it gives you a good gripping surface and it thickens it up, I took the core out to do mine just to make it easier but I’m sure you can do it either way!


@Omnivious You could also put a short length of rubber hose over it, too. That’s basically what I used as it came with the Tacticool recoil tube cover before I even found out about MCARBO. They didn’t have theirs out yet anyway. But, I do have the MCARBO one on it now. :+1:


I was actually trying to figure out how I can make a sleeve with Paracord, I just have a bunch of the stuff. I just dropped $200 on parts from mcarbo a couple weeks ago so I gotta lay low on the spending for a bit so this is my temporary solution until I can get the recoilless CH, if anyone knows a way to weave a sleeve with Paracord and still let it be able to charge, I’d like to learn…


loading mags are much easier with the maglula, I just got one the other day and it helps so much to maximize shooting time and minimize reload time.


If you use M&P mags or even the ProMags the ETS CAM speedloader is AWESOME! I had the maglula and it was bumped to the backup position once I got the ETS CAM. Some people have trouble with it but I never have. Also, I have those Real Avid Bore Bosses for every caliber gun I own and they are awesome as well.


@Omnivious I used paracord to wrap around the butt stock to keep that plastic from digging in. I need to take a picture, some people asked to see it lol


I too have an ETS CAM which I purchased at the same time as my maglula, the damned thing keeps squeezing the rounds together and causes it to fail, here’s a link in case you would rather the ETS CAM, I think the maglula is more versatile, I guess the ETS would be faster if you are loading 30 rounds…


these things really help, it makes the length of pull a bit longer too which I like…


I’ve got one and it works great. This gun has surprising recoil. I’m a big tall guy so I like the extra length it adds.


Same here! I have the 9/40 version, and have found it pretty useless for anything I have. Thought it was a great idea, and got one for the .223, and find it dents the uppermost case! That, and the .223 version only seems to work at all for just the first 10 rounds!! Mag-lula and Up-lula are my favs.


@FoldedCarbine, I second your opinion sir😊


You know how the hammer spring can be a pain when removing or installing the ejection side? I hated how it would bind the hammer pin over against the sear pin. What i did was back the screw on the safety side out a little then take the ejection cover off.
Once i had it apart, i flipped that pin over so the groove was up and it acted like a race. It kept the spring down, still had to use my knife to clear it but when i took the cover off again, it held the spring in place.


I’m not sure if keltec has changed their polymer grip pieces but I had zero problems with the springs, I just followed the instructional video and BOOM! It was back together, ready to fire!


Im guessing a lot of teardowns are about to happen so here’s this. I’ve been messing with mine and the mag release spring was sucked into the oblivion of lost socks and 10mm sockets. All the click pen springs were too big, and after a lot of searching and brain racking(i knew id seen little springs like that) it finally dawned on me- lighter springs. Pulled the wheel off a cheap gas station lighter, trimmed to fit, and it works like a charm.


Great tip sir, I’d still like to see an oops kit from mcarbo or keltec…