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Time to stand and be counted

Hi I am a disabled VET who is also a Gunsmith/Armorer/NRA & USCCA instructor. I believe its time to rally together and organize a million Man March type event where every gun owner ( I don’t care if your a FUD or any other kind of weekend warrior and show the Country) that we wont stand by and just let them outlaw our guns. If Mr King could rally a group in the 60’s and then again in the 80’s when they bused people to Washington to show unity as the million man march. As a group together we are much larger and let them take stock of how many of us there really are, l believe we could cause political change and adherence to the whole 2nd amendment. If at 61 I am willing to march to Washington to be heard I am we can get others to agree to do the same thing. I’m just a face in the Crowd but if we could get some recognizable to rally the troops and pull it together we could make possibly repeal the NFA as well as any other anti-constitutional law that was passed. The question is who or what organization has that kind of pull, the NRA is lost right now so who?


Perhaps GOA (Gun Owners of America) can stand up and be recognized. These are troubling times, we need a voice and as you’ve suggested, a presence. It strikes me odd that people are “protesting” their rights are being violated by the “stay at home/self isolate/social distancing” orders. Yet cared not or worse voted to strip me (us) of our rights. I for one applaud your suggestion.


I definitely support this and will march.

It is getting tough. I had my tinfoil surgically grafted to my skull so fair warning.

Some issues we need to address. Where would we stage now that WDC is completely surrounded by unfriendly fiefdoms. I suppose WV is an option, but we still gotta cross MD or VA to get to DC.

How are we going to handle the Covid outbreak that is guaranteed to occur conveniently to strip of us our right to assemble - just wait and watch. We have watched inconveniently timed tragedy scheduled to ensure 2a supporters don’t get any rights back as it has been considered. And one of our often cited mass shootings is still a hoax according to data collected by the FBI and reported via their website. Leastwise, I figure it to be a hoax if their were zero shooting deaths in the same region, age group and time period a mass shooting was reported.

Told yall 'bout my custom tinfoil. I am stopping but FBI shares the data and if you look them up - you’ll find at least one head scratcher with plenty of other evidence supporting the possibility we were lied to.


Been out awhile,did I miss something perhaps? :thinking:

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WHOO YA! Right on,if we stay 6 feet apart it should create the biggest fuster cluck since,I don’t know,Watergate? Vietnam?


is this topic of conversation against forum rules , just asking , i do suport your 2nd amendment