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Time for a new Stock

Looks like my 36 year old Marlin 60 has met with an unfortunate accident. As you can see she’s cracked for the 4th and final time. Since I have owned her; got her for my 9th birthday, I’ve always wanted a biathlon style stock. So I took this as an opportunity to make that happen. I bought a nice piece of birds eye and some small bits and pieces of Camatillo and African Blackwood veneer and will try my hand at making my own. For the interim I’ve decided to go with one of those Badger bullpup stocks. Im not expecting much but it looks fun and funky not to mention easier to shoot from a wheelchair.

I’m starting this thread in gun smithing since I will be adding to my thread over the next few months as this projects parts come in. And o start taking measurement of the old stock and begins to weigh the rifle sans stock and find where the balancing points then get my own biometric measurements so I can build this specifically for me. I know it sounds absolutely crazy to spend that sort of time making such and extravagant stock for a nearly 40 year old .22, but it was a gift from my father who isn’t with me to do this project, so it’s tribute to the coolest dad ever.

If anyone has build a stock I’d be interested in any advice you might offer. I haven’t clicked buy now yet on this 4”x10”x36” chunk of Birdseye maple and the veneers in my shopping cart yet. Only concern I have is using woods with such a difference in hardness. The hardness of the maple is 1400<1600 and the other two are 3200<3600 since I’m looking at doing a laminate style stock would I have issues with separation due to poor bonding. Would tuning vertical dowels through it be recommended. To prevent delamination due to sheering force? Anyway any input you all have would be appreciated.