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Tikka T3 Or T3CTR? How Can I Tell?

Help a Brother out here. I finished putting my Tikka rifle and accessories together but I have to admit… I’m not quite sure of the exact model I have. There are no markings on the rifle???


@Cuervo From what I found on the internet in the .308 version the T3 would have a 22.4" nonthreaded barrel and the T3 CTR (Compact Tactical Rifle) would have a shorter 20" threaded barrel. The T3 CTR also comes with a larger bolt handle, a picatinny rail and larger 5 and 10 round box mags over the standard 3 round mags. The T3 CTR is about $400 more than a T3.


Looks like I have the T3. Thank you so much for the information and help!!