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Ti Solvent Trap + Form 1 = Suppressor


what did you say? what does it do?

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Impressive. Before you start talking business with anyone, get an attorney and talk copyrights/patents. It’s easier to steal ideas than make them up yourself - witness Bill Gates.


Interesting, but a little confused.

This is just the mount and maybe first baffle, or am I missing something.
Do you stack several more of the top part shown or do you attach a can, or the solvent trap.
How do you tax stamp a suppressor that hasn’t been built yet?
Keep us posted.
If you need any machine work that’s my hobby, happy to make small parts n/c for cool projects.


@Albroswift it’s a jig to make the baffle cones


I had one extra cone but I’ll crush it after I use it to determine my cut speeds. First time working with Ti, here heard it can be difficult. Ill make sure there is nothing useable left over At the end of the project.

It feels so weird to not be able to have even a single spare baffle upon completion. Those are the rules just have to follow them. Thank you all for your assistance. It’s so damn difficult to interpret all of the craziness that goes into this stuff. Engineering I got down pat sorting out Legal jargon I’m iffy at best at.

As far as the jig, I’m heading to Tuesday to pick up the stuff from the engravers and found a place that does 3D printing cause after staying up till 5 am trying to cut it from of a block of poly plastic I give up. I’m sure if I had a little CNC mill it would have worked but my rate of feed by hand was inconsistent leaving me with either melted or rough edges. After I have a finished jig I’ll be posting the file for free on SketchUp’s archive, the place where I post all my great ideas that have no real marketable use.

Well, time to go sweep up last night failure off the floor and figure how to get melted plastic off my endmill.

Final thought. Anyone thinking going form 1.
It appears that I’d have to apply for a second form 1 just to replace a baffle, which is odd since manufactures can replace a Subcomponent so as long as it’s not the one with the registered serial number on it and then the original was destroyed.
With hindsight being 20/20 I would have purchased one. It would’ve been a lot easier to come up with a clever excuse for buying an OSS then navigating all these laws then subsequent revisions and redefinition made to them. Again good looking out.

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I spent the past couple hours reading into it and honestly I’m baffled; pun intended, as to what’s considered materials to make a silencer and when are household items like threaded rod, washers and a roll of duct tape now possibly (make shift)suppressor parts.Technically solvent traps are meant to be just that, a receptacle to gather and recycle leftover solvent and oils . it just happens to be that you can do some machining to them converting them into a usable suppressor. I guess the questions should be this. If you buy the parts prior to receiving permission to build the suppressor can you be charged for gathering materials to make in NFA. Because technically they are still just solvent trap parts until you physically alter them.

How does that play out, who knows. My guess would be that if you’r writing a 3000 page manifesto on toilet paper and making threats to the government ya might find yourself in hot water. I’m pretty sure when they raided Teds cabin in Montana they noted he had removed the tags on his mattress and pillows to the laundry list of violations. Because he was a bad guy doing very bad things and they just wanted to make sure he never sees the light of day again, and we are all grateful for that . How does this play out for if you’re doing the right thing by applying for your tax stamp but purchased the subcomponents ahead of time. Well my argument would be, that that are just a solvent trap which they have already stated are not a suppressor. I don’t think the ATF want to get in the practice of prosecuting people who are still complying to rules.

Honestly I wish they would rewrite the laws on suppressors and all those other laws completely. My cousin lives in New Zealand and he said that not only are they easy to get many people consider it rude and unneighbourly not to use one. Why subject your neighbours to listening to you shoot paper plates in the backyard. It would also be nice to have one for hunting, especially in more populated areas. Back home in PA it’s quite common for traffic accidents involving dear to go up there and hunting season, the likely cause was gunfire would spook other deer setting them off on a Collision course into traffic. I see suppressors as a very civilised thing to have. It preserves the peace and quiet of those around you. However laws were written on sensationalise news About gangsters Perpetrating crimes with their sawed offs and Tommy guns. Sadly law was written to control the lowest commonly Denominator in our society.


I agree with all your points, but laws are written to control the law-abiding, and criminals don’t abide by laws. No gun control law is intended to control gun violence, only to control which law-abiding citizens are permitted to own or use them irregardless of the Constitution. If the founding fathers could confront the gun grabbers, they’d shoot them.