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Threading a drop-in barrel

I don’t know much about these things, but is it possible to thread the INSIDE of the front end of a drop-in barrel to be able to use an adapter that would allow muzzle attachments?


Can’t say as I know much about them, either, but I would guess you could thread the end of your barrel. That said, I think the issue might be barrel length. Typically the threads for muzzle devices on pistols are beyond (forward) of the slide, but if you have a standard length barrel and thread it, the threads would fall within the slide when assembled. You’d need a longer barrel for it to work, I think.


As chilipepper stated above barrel length is the enemy. I suppose you could thread the barrel and make an extended adapter similar to what Taurus does on the tx-22 but at that point you would definitely be cheaper just buying a threaded barrel.

This is all assuming you are talking about a semi auto pistol.


Thank you. You have helped me realize that my question was not quite concise enough.

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It would be possible to thread the inside of your barrel if the wall thickness was there to allow for proper thread depth of the adapter you plan on using. But it would need to be done by a experienced gunsmith with machinist skills and probably cost $$$ for set up and machine time.

I would pass on that job if it came to my shop. You are talking about small threads that need to be aligned to the bore ( not tapped ) then doing a crown recessed in the thread bore. Not fun.

Op, if you can get a threaded barrel go that route if it’s something weird, expect to spend some money on getting it done.


Thanks for the replies.