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Thoughts on slightly polishing Sub-2000 barrell entrance feed?

Just fell in love shooting a Sub-2000 Gen2 9mm I picked up recently and being a Mod-addict have already made a few upgrades. After shooting my first ~50 rounds of Blazers through the first time at the range, for some unknown reason the left side safety spring clip snapped in two with the small ball ball catch and spring coming out as well, all went well with firing of all shots. No biggie, spring clip replaced for $1.00 and all looks well.

Upon cleaning afterwards, I noticed powder liked to build up on the angled in-feed of the barrel’s entrance.

Seems a bit rough and wondering if anyone has done any polishing to this area and noticed any issues or less powder buildup as a result.

Thanks and great to be invited to this forum!


@tango You can replace the feed ramp with

Nice and shiny . You will always get powder build up because of the blow back design of the S2K.


Yup, the MCARBO stainless steel feed ramp (after being highly polished) is definitely the way to go. The SUB2000 is just a filthy running blowback firearm and it is what it is. LOL


Yes, I have a ramp and polish kit on order but I’m speaking in regards to the barrel entrance itself. Please see photo. Thanks! 23|375x500


Not seeing any photo.

Sorry about that. Upload appears to not have worked correctly first try23


@Tango I would just stick to keeping it clean and installing the feed ramp with the Polish kit as stated above. I don’t really see what you would gain by doing that. Maybe you know something I don’t or maybe someone in the brotherhood with more knowledge than myself could shed more light. I personally don’t see it being anything more than a really extensive cleaning. Also welcome to the brotherhood nothing wrong with asking for advice, plenty of great minds here to steer you in the right direction


Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about it. I’ve never had any trouble with mine in that area and I’ve never read where anyone else had trouble, either.