Thought Experiments for Dred (like a $aving$ account)

K … so …

I think I’ma buy my first Glock. Imagine a display in a shadow box partnering my beloved plastic fantastic 1911 with this all metal clone of a plastic fantastic icon.

My niche will require updates right out of the box. I have no use for a Glock 17 (CZ hands down for double stack 9 duty), but with a 357 Sig barrel, I believe I can achieve an interesting pistol. My Sub 9 takes Glock Mags.

I LOVE that RIA built it to mimic the 1911 grip angle. I love the beavertail to save me from slide bite. I love the optics readiness even if it’s not cut for my preferred optic.

*Here’s hoping @ChrisNelson and Kel Tec watch this pistol suceed. The Stk100 aluminum frame is a split design that is screwed together. We want this for our Sub 2000s.

This reviewer is unknown to me, but I’m sharing this one largely 'cause he experienced failures AND shared. I have concerns about glock mag performance at 1911 grip angles. The reviews are publishing daily and I haven’t seen other folk reporting failures.

The jury is out, but I may be giving this striker pistol a go. I don’t imagine it as a carry piece, but it pairs so well with my Sub 9 that acquisition is near certain.


Lead balloons eh?

I’m now waiting to see if RIA releases in .40. I have no interest in 40, but I’m willing to add my own 357 Sig Barrel.

This one also strikes my fancies:


If you manage a CSX in the near future, I for one would be very interested in your range report. :+1:


Well, it’ll be a minute. Seems I am not interested until after the aftermarket triggers get released.

Folks report that the trigger is unavailable for follow up shots until the goofy dingus is completely released. Trigger reset is awesome; but the dingus reset requirement is unnacceptable.

@ChrisNelson … this dingus issue is going to be a big deal. Hopefully you see potential profits from the fix you are about to release.


Yep, I saw this somewhere…and I think it’s related to the false reset click as well. I say find a way to remove the trigger dick. It has a manual safety, make it stout and tactile on/off and leave it at that. I’m with you.


K … so …

Some of yall have maybe noticed, but yes, I am spending more slowly. This thread is gonna help me stay slower, so pardon the bandwidth if you ain’t gonna be interested in my musings.

So, I have a latest conundrum. No secret that I love me some 22TCM - if you haven’t played with the caliber, you have missed out. I view the cartridge as a 5.7 with more punch. My simplest summary is that 5.7 ammo packs smaller, but 22TCM hits harder.

Why did Kel Tec have to upset an already archived commitment? Yes, I am on about:

So … I’m not actually mad this time. This video actually relieves me of my fear of grabbing a CMR30 and increasing my 22WMR reliance.

Looks like I need to start building a 5.7 inventory 'cause $1k for the pistol plus $300 for the carbine kit plus $200 tax means I can build a nasty little autoloading CQB carbine for less than PS90 money.


Sometimes you just have to scratch the itch.


So, the P50 is still itch’n good.

On this time about that Trailblazer Pivot …

Spent a day thinking HARD about an offer. Decided to pass (with remourse looming) in favor of a personal commitment to grab a first year Pivot. Hoping to do much better than the $1795 they are selling pre-orders at.

So, I wanna win the giveaway. There are 43 days left to enter. If you enter by clicking this link: Spring Gun Giveaway - Trailblazer Firearms, I get an extra entry.

So … who wants to win a Pivot? That link up there is a legitimate shot at this $1800 PCC.