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This should go without saying these days

Even if you don’t reload, SAVE YOUR BRASS!!! This is particularly true if your in need of some scarce item. You may be able to trade for it or sell your brass outright! Who knows when or if things are going back to “normal”. I personally reload 18 different calibers and have loads of some and not nearly enough of others and I’m sure there’s plenty of other people on here in the same boat.


I agree. :+1:

Although I reload, about 3 years ago I recycled three + 5 gal buckets of brass. I gave away as much as I could get my friends/reloaders to take, but that still left a lot I was tired of storing.
I kept all rifle brass (except .223) and any other uncommon/hard to find calibers and eventually dumped the rest when brass scrap prices were high. (223, 9mm, 40 s&w, .380, .38 spl, .357 etc)
At the time I couldn’t give it away, and now everyone is wanting it.

A person never knows what the future holds.


I saw a guy selling clean spent brass for cents a case last week…Wow! That seems like a lot.
Why isnt the a cent sign on my keyboard?


15¢ who did away with this??? WTF? I have been whining about this for years, since the invention of the keyboard.

hold the alt button and type 0162 and the cent sign appears. Am I the only one that didn’t know this?
Or am I just sayin what every one was this thinking? I bet a bunch of you were thinking the same thing. Where the F is that cent sign? Why isn’t it on here? And WHY do I have to put an apostrophe between n and t? Isn’t a contraction a shorter version of a word such as “is not” what did the ’ save?
Same number of letter? Just something else for the auto correct or spell check to do. Maybe that is it, it puts spell checkers to work.


That apostrophe is just to keep you confused…like, why do we say “it’s” as a contraction for “it is”, but “its” for something belonging to that thing? It’s why non-English speakers have a tough time with the language and contractions. I had the same issues speaking Italian, too. :sweat_smile:


Thats sad that people are confused about there use of certain words.


What to do with the thousands of 22 LR cases I have been saving is the question?
I guess sell for scrap “if” the price of brass ever climbs again…:man_shrugging::rage:


Lol x twenty characters


Find you one of the 22lr reloader kits. They want all go boom but it works better then you would think. A buddy has one and will set around loading 22 lr when he absolutely has nothing better to do. I cant remember name of company that makes the kit. But i do know that it can make a spent 22lr case become a fireable round again.


That was posted here a few months back. Doubt I’ll go that route but good to know it can be done!


Thats it. My friends experience is pretty good. He says there are a few duds. But to be able to reload 22 would be a handy add on to a bob.


22 LR cases can be used to make .224 bullets! Save them too because we don’t know how long this shortage will last. Someone may want them and buy them from you!


@Crockett Please show how that’s done!


I reloaded a lot when I was shooting IPSC but stopped when I got out of it. My preference for 185gr JHP in my 1911’s got me back into it and getting addicted to 300HAMR made reloading an absolute necessity if I was to get the kind of performance Bill Wilson claimed for it. I save my all my brass JIC and scrounge .223 from the range to make 300BO and 300HAMR brass.


This is chapter 4


That’s pretty AWSOME! I just don’t have the extra lead laying around to swage. I wonder what else you could use?