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This has got to stop!

Seriously though keep all us south Louisiana and SE Texas folks in your thoughts and prayers. Second hurricane in 6 weeks. Some just got power back last weekend. Sheet metal, trees, and house debris on every corner, just waiting to be strewn about with 100mph winds. Almost every house has a tarp on the roof if there is a roof left. Media seems to ignore our side of the state but just keep the thoughts and prayers going.


@MrMachinist Keeping my eye on the news reports from here in Idaho, and keeping my thoughts on all my brothers and sisters there.
Stay safe.


I’m overnighting here in Pensacola, it’s looking ugly from this vantage point.
Stay safe.


Hoping everyone impacted emerges unscathed physically, mentally and financially!!! :pray:


We’re supposed to RON in Houston tomorrow, that might not happen, the forecast is for sporting conditions at the airport.


@AV8R How often do you get grounded overnight for weather?


Done. Family was very lucky through Laura. Many friends barely hanging on, but we got their essentials covered as of two weeks ago. Momma don’t often one-two punch like this in this part of the world.

Anybody else ready for 2020 to cease and desist? Jiminy Christmas already.


Nothing but a resounding “Aye” from me. For me it went to shit before COVID was a thing and it’s not improved much since. Three months to go! One to forget, though unlikely any of us ever will.


Great question. The answer is: Not very often.
The 737 is a very capable bird and it takes a lot of bad weather to prevent us from going.
Freezing rain at ground level is a problem and it’s a “ no go” item for my company.
Now the company will proactively cancel flights for impending weather events in order to protect the integrity of the schedule. That’s probably what you’ll see today and tomorrow with Hurricane Delta.


I was very fortunate through Laura. Especially since my house took the East eyewall with 150-160 mph winds for over an hour.

Minor roof damage minimal water spotting on a few ceilings. Mostly my new fence 1/3 down, rv shed demolished (luckily we evacuated with the camper) about 10 big trees fell. A lot of people were way less fortunate than me. I still have a tarp on my roof. I have a roofer coming for an estimate Monday finally.

My work got messed up pretty good. The 3 big roll up doors were blown off my small shop and they were supposed to be installed today. So we tarped and shrink wrapped the CNC machines the best we could.

Planning on heading home in the morning. I went about 3 hours north with the camper.

Where is your family? I live just outside Lake Charles.


Mom born and raised in Kinder. Still have 2 cousins and an Aunt there. They lost some old growth trees, but both houses stand. My aunt and cousin in Shreveport mostly lived without power but that’s well inland.

My club family in Lake Charles and Jennings felt a lot more destruction.


Enough Already! Give Em a break’ Prayer’s for All.


My thoughts and prayers are with you


I can’t believe it but we got our power back on about 2 hours ago! Less than 48 hrs. All my family about an hour East is still in the dark though.


How are things coming together?


This storm was nothing compared to Laura unless your house flooded. Luckily mine did not but my neighbors were not as fortunate. I’ve been helping them try to save stuff the last couple days. I actually got called into work today. 2 more machines are messed up. So I’m 3 out of 6 down. Trying to run some parts on one right now.

The bad thing is the river is supposed to crest Wednesday at 2.5’ higher than it is now. I want to say about 7’ above flood stage.


Hey @MrMachinist et al
Is this a “sand bagging” exercise around your homes to save from flooding or us that not an option, not enough advanced warning, not enough sand bags to go around?


I’m sure sandbags could help some people. Most people flooded from small drain ditches and canals that were full of debris from Laura. On top of that my area got around 17” of rain in roughly 6 hours. The river flooding will still get some people but most of those homes are elevated due to the nature of living in the river.

No one expected that much rain from this storm especially on the west side. I was told it went from nothing in the house to about a foot deep in about 10-15 minutes.


If this storm was not as bad as Laura and with changing weather patterns with little warning not much you can do if in the flood zone.

Perhaps I should pass along one of my ideas for making quickly build non-permanent retaining walls and for other uses. Interlocking, manageable, simple… and made from recycled plastic.
Clean up the plastic waste and put it to a good use but at 7 feet, I don’t know.


Seriously. One has to drive Coastal Louisiana to understand Coastal Louisiana. Water is not a scarce resource. Storms like these actually push the salt further into the traditionally fresh water bayous.

I ride the area (2 wheel style) and I also fish the area. It is a true Sportsman’s Paradise and it is highly unique. You can drive roads with water on both sides 20 and 30 miles from the coast on a dry day. And, I am not confusing bridges for roads.