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This fell out of bolt while cleaning Sub 2000 M Series.. wtf?

Has anyone here ever seen this little shiny metal pin/screw thing? I was cleaning my sub 2000 m series and this fell out while wiping the back of my bolt. Any ideas where this came from? Im stumped.


Yes it’s the tooless charging handle lock piece. There should be a hole in the skinny part of the charging handle, that’s where the small pin goes into. You turn it with a flat blade screwdriver to get it in place properly.

Here is the correct vid for the part you have.


What Catfood said.

Posting to let you know you have an intemediate solution as configured. We told MCARBO that bit you found is a PITA. So, Mcabo eveloped their spring cap solution. It is a PITA to install the spring cap … but … it solves you next dilemna. Installing that little bit can teach you words you didn’t know you’d need.


@Jksoli2019, like said above, that piece is a joke. Get the integrated tool-less locking pin from MCARBO. I’ll make cleaning your Sub2K a lot easier. How old is your M series btw?


Ditto, ditto, and ditto to all the above. You should have been here for the 2 year wait to deep six that damn bolt like the rest of us. Get the integrated locking pin or you will indeed learn new words as my illustrious comrad @Dred says.


Installing that spring cap was extremely frustrating. Thankfully you only have to do it once…


I purchased this M-series when they first came out but had some things come up in life and have only been able to recently finally shoot it. feels bad. gonna get a lot of time in on it training soon though!


@Jksoli2019, I have 3 S2K’s with that little charging handle keeper. I have removed/installed it so many times it’s second nature now. I decided not to replace it with the new style unless I lose it.

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