The venerable 22

One of the oldest cartridges still in production today, the .22lr. Some sources say 1887, another says as early as 1884. Prices, well, it’s been up and down over the years yet remaining the most affordable ammo available.

I can’t think of a better caliber to introduce folks to firearms. Very little noise, compared to any centerfire and little if any recoil. From youngsters to adults, a very popular introduction to shooting sports. From bolt to semi, pistol to revolver you can find something to your liking chambered in .22.

Like many amongst us, I started with a .22 and continue to enjoy mine. It all started for me as a youngster taking the NRA safety course and going into International Smallbore Jr. Indoor Competition.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to enjoy many calibers, handgun and rifle, but the .22 still gives me a smile every time.


Definitely agree with that. Now days a lot of the major pistol manufactures makes a 22 that matches their big seller 9mm or 40.

It’s a perfect training tool. And to say the least about cost effective in today’s expensive ammunition.


Cut to the Chase. Whether you are 10 or 70. Minimal recoil, relatively cheap and fun to watch the targets shatter. What could be better?


Not to mention ballistics! 4 feet drop at 200 yards - you need to get pretty darn far to experience the same with a centerfire.