The Tool Thread! 🛠

Got a service call coming up on a clients fridge not working.

Here’s what you can check and do on your own to save a buck and not wait for a service tec: :face_with_monocle::+1:

So a red plastic protective cap fell off one of my Sonicrafters. Rockwell doesn’t have the part in stock…so their sending me a complete new unit. :+1::grin:
(RK5144K F65)
I have to pay shipping which is now TAXED!!!..WTF? :rage:

Flip side…I love this tool…soon all 3! :sunglasses::zap::zap::zap::zap:
Tool-less blade lock is great. :+1:
The single LED in the front doesn’t impress me. :face_with_monocle:
Blades are EXPENSIVE!!!:smiling_face_with_tear:

Well Rockwell sent me the F50 model…which was one level below the F65. :rage:So I had them take it back and send me the top of the line F85 model.

Love the 3 year warranty….this one was FREE…including the shipping and $000.00 tax.
Now I have three Sonicrafters.:sunglasses::+1:

I’ve been using West System Epoxy Products for almost 40 years….mostly on Marine Applications…but still on some home construction custom repairs…:face_with_monocle:

Just ordered more Epoxy Filler #403 & #406

1985 Edition :face_with_monocle:

“Combining” Breaker Box Electrical Circuits…Some Options. :face_with_monocle::zap::zap::zap::zap:

Heat Pumps explained: :fire::wind_face:

Basics always worth revisiting: :face_with_monocle::zap::zap::zap::zap:

Removing a leaking air cell/bladder in one of my parallel fiberglass pressure tanks @ 17 years old.
Glad I set it up with isolation valves and unions…the other tank is carrying the load until the new air cell/bladder comes…:face_with_monocle: :+1: :grin:

Cost of new air cell: $260.00
Cost of new tank replacement: $908.00


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