The Thin Air Of The Corps


Found out from my Sis on Monday my niece is now briefing the Commandant on stuff daily. She had just completed being a DI and did a short time at one of the School houses waiting for this gig to open up. Seems not that long ago she told me “My recruiter told me if I joined the Corp, it would help me get into the FBI.” To which I responded “Your recruiter can’t even spell F.B.I. let alone tell you what you need to get into them!” Now she briefs a 4 star, who would of thunk it!

I still think she stagnated as a DI, she self taught herself Pashtu and Urdu, and they send her to be a DI. I thought the Army did dumb shit! Don’t get me wrong I am proud of her and happy for her at the same time, but frack, a female who speaks those two language’s is rare, and the fact she wants to stay in with those skill sets even rarer.


@Squidder_K Well, good on her!! She obviously has great communication skills. Learning two raghead languages is proof, but briefing the Commandant takes real skill at communicating. :+1: :clap:


Thanks, I am glad to see all her hard work is paying off!