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The Thin Air Of The Corps

Found out from my Sis on Monday my niece is now briefing the Commandant on stuff daily. She had just completed being a DI and did a short time at one of the School houses waiting for this gig to open up. Seems not that long ago she told me “My recruiter told me if I joined the Corp, it would help me get into the FBI.” To which I responded “Your recruiter can’t even spell F.B.I. let alone tell you what you need to get into them!” Now she briefs a 4 star, who would of thunk it!

I still think she stagnated as a DI, she self taught herself Pashtu and Urdu, and they send her to be a DI. I thought the Army did dumb shit! Don’t get me wrong I am proud of her and happy for her at the same time, but frack, a female who speaks those two language’s is rare, and the fact she wants to stay in with those skill sets even rarer.


@Squidder_K Well, good on her!! She obviously has great communication skills. Learning two raghead languages is proof, but briefing the Commandant takes real skill at communicating. :+1: :clap:


Thanks, I am glad to see all her hard work is paying off!


See if she is interested in the Navel Criminal Investigative Service, they take both active duty and civilian folks.


Who can say what she wants right now, she is on top tier. After this, everything will seem blah to her.