M*CARBO Brotherhood

"The Sharpshooter Series" 🔭

Important Note: To keep things interesting, the targets and difficulty will change from month to month as will scoring. The target used this month is at this link:
July’s match target Turkey Target

  1. All targets must be photographed, time stamped, and include the firearm used.
    All targets will be scored as described below.
    You may shoot as many targets as you wish but only one may be submitted in each Division.
    All targets will include Division, shooters screen name, and self score.
    Self scoring is allowed subject ot verification by the Facilitator.

  2. Ten rounds in all Divisions will be fired for score. Subject to change monthly

  3. Use the following guidelines for shooting positions and supports.
    Shooting from a bench, a bipod, sling or sandbag(s) under the handguard or fore end is allowed.
    No further support such as a sled or other means of supporting the butt or magazine of a rifle is
    Shooting position may be prone, sitting or kneeling. A bipod, sling, log or sandbag(s) is allowed.
    If kneeling, you may use carpet roll to support one leg.
    No Ransom Rests or similar lockdown devices are allowed. See this link for an example:

  4. As of this writing any sighting system, any age is allowed.

  5. Child and Spouse Division. Bring your kids (grandkids) and spouses! Children must be 18 years
    and under. Just add a “c” after the Division. (Ac = 50yd Rimfire kids Division, Bc = 50yd PCC
    kids and so on) For spouses, add an “s” after the Division using the format just described. The
    Child and Spouse scores in any single Division will be judged collectively unless the Facilitator
    determines there are sufficient entries in a particular Division to justify separate Child and Spouse

  6. Scoring:
    Black or touching black equals 10 points.
    Center circle or touching add .1 (10.1 points)
    Second ring or touching equals 9 points.
    Third ring or touching equals 8 points.
    Fourth ring or touching equals 7 points.
    Fifth (outer) ring or touching equals 6 points.
    Max score is 101 points.
    Note scoring will be subject to change monthly

Deadline for target submittal will be midnight of the last Sunday of each month


A. 50 yard Rimfire
B. 50 yard PCC
C. 50 yard .223/5.56 (.223 Wylde)
D. 50 yard Open caliber
A1. 100 yard Rimfire
B1. 100 yard PCC
C1. 100 yard .223/5.56 (.223 Wylde)
D1. 100 yard Open caliber
HG1. 10 yard Rimfire
HG2. 10 yard Centerfire


oops :disappointed:

Guess I’m out.


I might not have mine witnessed either. I’m still planning on posting them, if for nothing more than fun, reference for others and a challenge for myself. I typically target shoot but this gives it more purpose. If they aren’t “official” I’m okay with it. Where I shoot, the pistol ranges get a bit more social, maybe easier to get a witness, not so much on the 50-300 yard long guns range. Not much but the bark of guns spoken there.


Deleted upon request


Will the targets you link to in the thread print out at the right size or do they need to adjusted. Would hate to think I am shooting at a 8.5X11 inch target and everyone else is shooting at a 18X24 or whatever size target. Thanks


They should but some of that would be down to your chosen printer and print settings. It would be good to have a reference dimension from rings on the master target chosen so folks can check their print outs are 100% correct scale. That said, I suspect every target we’ll be shooting will adhere to 8.5" x 11" format…so at least we’re all in the same ballpark… :wink:


I hope so, I can’t print larger than 8.5 X 11 unless it’s a tape together deal… lets not…

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I can’t print anything at the moment as my printer recently 86’d itself.

Given how well everyone shot this target in all divisions, I honestly wouldn’t see the need to have it any larger…save maybe for @Moosecall’s shotty experiment.


Thank you everyone 8.5X11 it is then.


This sounds fun. Obviously getting in on this late. Is there a September target?

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Not too late, here’s the info. Good luck and good shooting!