M*CARBO Brotherhood

The Sharpshooter Series Presents: October's Match "The Deer Hunter"

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to our next series Match!

We’ll be allowing the familiar bonus points for non-magnified rifle sights of 2 points at 50yds and 5 points at 100yds, and our newest Divisions will also enjoy a 2 point bonus for non-magnified sights.
(Non-Magnified sights are: iron, peep, buckhorn or red dot with no magnification available)

Shoot five rounds for score all Divisions.

No patched targets, nor will targets with more than five (5) holes be allowed for score.

Our standard rules apply and can be found here. "The Sharpshooter Series" 🔭
(A printable PDF is in the works)

All rifle Divisions will be shooting this: The Deer Hunter

Our handgunners will be shooting this: Lucky Stars
One round per star please handgunners.
Good luck and good shooting!


Div. ER 25yd Rimfire rifle
Div. EO 25yd Centerfire rifle
Div. EA 25yd Air rifle
Div. A 50yd Rimfire
Div. B 50yd PCC
Div. C .223/5.56 (.223 Wylde)
Div. D 50yd Open Caliber
Div. A1 100yd Rimfire
Div. B1 100yd PCC
Div. C1 100yd .223/5.56 (.223 Wylde)
Div.D1 100yd Open Caliber
Div. AS (spouse) 50yd Rimfire (“S” behind any Div. for spouse, “C” for child, under 18 etc.)
Div. HG1 10yd Rimfire handgun
DivHG2 10yd Centerfire handgun


With a divisions list included so everyone has a reference. :wink:


I LOVE both targets. The committee is awesome. I had to say that b4 I shoot at’m 'cause these can be mood changers.


Just a thought, maybe its possible to throw the division list down in the corner so we can just circle it at the range?


The Deer Target has been revised. The 10 ring remains as is, the chest target is now modified to: the 9 ring will encompass the 8 ring (both the 9 & 8 ring will be worth 9 points) The 7 ring is now the 8 ring. (worth 8 points) If you have already printed your targets, not to worry, they will be scored according to this notification. The revised version is now at the link in the original announcement.
Good luck and good shooting.


Depending on your cache settings, you may need to refresh the deer target page.


At the risk of sounding like I’m nit-picking, the “circles” on this target are actually ellipses, they’re taller than they are wide.

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I’ve printed it out,
Put it in my Range Book.


Who promised circles? Those eight-point Stars don’t look very round either.

Circle Lives Matter! To the Streets!

We are all shooting the same target and the same “ellipses”.


Funny as that’s precisely what I said when I heard folks were upset about the 9 ring on the deer target. FYI to those concerned, both the 10 and 9 rings were 1"…which means the 9 was not smaller. :wink:


I didn’t hear any criticism. In fact, one can justify the two being the same size since shooting for the 10 involves greater risk. A hit just outside the 10 scores nothing while one just outside the 9 would still score. It was just unusual…but then that is likely to also be true of some future targets as we try to keep it interesting and fun. After a while circles get boring.

That said, I take responsibility for the ellipse. My free software does not draw perfect circles so I have to freehand and guesstimate a circle. If I had realized it was off, I would have rotated it 90 degrees since I tend to push shots left and the slight difference would have been to my advantage. :grinning:


I did but that isn’t point, really. It was a simple revision and I don’t mind making any changes necessary to suit the users and the competition. That said, I think you’ve illustrated the point perfectly in your initial response, we are all shooting the same targets so what we’re shooting is somewhat irrelevant. Assuming we shot the same groups regardless, the scores would be the same relative to each other.

We do need to be wary of some proposed targets, while they may be interesting, when printed on 8.5"x11" paper and placed at distance, there might not be a whole lot to shoot even with the Hubble Space Telescope strapped to the top of your chosen tool.

And speaking of tools, this one is packing up and heading to the range… :grinning:


@Festus has that mounted on his rifle I believe.

Good luck today at the range
Happy Shooting



I figure the deer target was done deliberately. I saw an opportunity to save the meat but risk losing the deer versus take the deer but spoil some meat. It awarded points very comparable to a resultant freezer pack.

That was a simple observation and I still like it plenty. Both beat the heck out of the idea of facing down a rhino with a 22 revolver - and the Rhino target was awesome.

@Committee, I do wonder what the penalty for tagging an ellipse twice will be. That’s not a complaint, but it can happen.


I didn’t get around to shooting any comp targets for points, had a number of guns I’ve changed up in the past week that needed sighting in. Still had a great day, I mean, I was at the range after all… :crazy_face:

Can and did, see sighting in remarks above. Shame there were no points for hitting the white space in between…

Just be glad it wasn’t the other end of the deer. I had suggested to Brother @Festus that we give a negative score for an ass shot (what he referred to as a “Laramie Headshot”). No one wants to eat the meat when it’s been hit up the ass… :grinning:

It was a bit hard to see printed in grayscale but that was my fault, otherwise fairly shootable…though I agree that staring down a rhino with even a .45 auto is a bit foolish and foolhardy… :grinning:


The Committee has conferred and agreed on the following response to this legitimate question.

There is no penalty per se but if one of the stars (or ellipses) is hit twice, you must record the LOWEST score of the two hits. The second round on that target effectively scores zero as only four of the five stars will have been hit and the rules require one shot per star.

Remember that any target with more than five hits will not be scored.


@Festus It’s possible to hit the inside angle of a star and touch the 6, 8, and 10 at the same time. Do we still take the highest score?

How about combining all three scores since it’s a much smaller area to hit? 24 points each would give you a possible 120 score. Instead of missing the 10 every time you could say “I meant to do that!”.

:rofl: Just kidding!


@phuzzy42 @Festus I claim dibs on final scoring of all targets submitted by @phuzzy42 :grinning: “I love the smell of disqualification in the morning!”


Trying to decide whether to try for head or body…
Looks like body so far


Spoilsport! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: