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The serious and long term ammo crisis we now face

Folks, this is very serious and long term. DO NOT disregard this.
AT BEST we are looking at NEXT (2021) summer for availability to return and 2022 for prices to stabilize at some level we have come to expect. Demand is 10 times Normal demand and no end in sight! Manufacturers are 18 months out in orders as of today!

THIS ASSUMES (and we know what that can mean) That 1. Trump gets re-elected and,
2. We don’t go full hot Civil War…

To start this discussion out, Please take the time to listen to Calib Giddings from Firearms Industry News:


Agree there is NO good news for us…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Before ammo prices and availability approach closer to “NORMAL”, food prices will go up 100%.

Start stocking food, TP, and other essentials while you can!

I’m fortunate to be able to step out the door and shoot a mag or two and feel “good”…:grin::boom::boom::boom:

While we focus on ammo…look what’s happening in Australia… where guns are illegal:

  • In Australia since March, there have been six times as many deaths from suicide than from Covid-19.
  • Can’t go more than 3 miles from your home.
  • Weddings are illegal.
  • No gatherings of any size.
  • Army is on the streets fining/arresting people.
  • “Since March 21, a total of 193,740 spot checks have been conducted by police across Victoria.”

The Kid is a Millennial (Shooter Granted …) who didn’t value his Vocation enough to set aside a storage area and stock pile his future needs, Instead he expected the supply chain to to refill on a ‘Just in Time’ Basis. Reality has now hit home to him, so in typical fashion he needs to whine and Blame. Everybody with a good stock built up got it unfairly somehow.

Having Said THAT, the other info he presents was worthy and brought up other points that bear consideration and accurately highlight the LONG TERM Nature.

Many… Most? People are saying that things will return to “Normal” after the election… This video helps to dispel that Fallacy in a cogent manner.


Yep, when the covid/rioting started that is when people realised how important 2a/self protection is. Now combine that with a election year and it’s a disaster. I haven’t been into a gun store in a long time (5+ months). Now I need some 6.5cm and I’m getting a bit nervous. Here is a good vid summarizing the steps of how we got to where we are at.



Gunbroker has some right now… S&B 140gr. FMJ @ .79 per rnd.
Hornady American 140gr. BTHP Match @ $1.15 per rnd.
Nosler Ballistic Tip 120gr. @ $1.38 per rnd.


That video sure is a long winded way of saying “Supply and Demand” shortages. Think the guy makes some decent points but he likes to hear himself talk even more. Just proof positive of why you need to prep during the good times. Those who did are just sitting back smiling now because they aren’t worried about locating supplies or paying the outrageous prices now that the panic buying starts.



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I’m sure most on this site are not the ones out there panic buying. There are some search bots out there to help locate ammo if you are looking though. Most of these are dependent on the retailers listing with them. When all other efforts fail though sites like this can be a help.
AmmoSeek - Ammo Search Engine 1.6.1 Download Android APK https://ammoseek.en.aptoide.com/?app_id=38047799


@Texprep My biggest issue is not shooting what I have. Going to the range is one of the few things I do, hard not to do it…it’s like therapy… :confused:


.40 isn’t available. I have three. :joy:



Just did a quick search on Gunbroker…Federal 165gr. FMJ @ .52 per rnd.
S&B 180gr. FMJ @ .53 per rnd.
Blazer Brass 165gr. FMJ @ .57 per rnd.


Yeah I’m not bidding ammo. Screw that


Welllll the event horizon has passed… if your on the side of the road and out of gas… whats a couple gallons worth then?



Me neither, that is Buy It Now pricing with shipping included.


I’m gassed. Just looking to put gas the other guy


Some folks are…and I’m amazed at what they’re willing to pay…almost as bad as what @Wyo posted on the S&B in some cases…


Moved from the 9mm thread:
If in times of plenty I buy a durable commodity that stores well. Pick anything you want… You can even apply this to stocks or bit coin or gold, copper wire or even my house… Then when prices go up I decide that I want to cash in some of my INVESTMENT and get a return on it, why is that a BAD thing if it’s ammo???

How does the 5K of 9mm I bought in 2018 affect supplies NOW… and if the market hits 1.00 per round and I want to sell it for that and you are willing to Pay that NOW. what is the problem with that??? In the 90s There was a coin shop down the street from my bank, Payday I bought 2-3 silver coins at about 3-4.00 each…
Was I HOARDING silver? Was it Wrong when I sold them off in 2011 for 40.00 each as per the spot prices?

Learn the difference between HOARDING DURING A SHORTAGE and INVESTING in a commodity when supply is wholly UN-effected by the purchases of said commodity when they were purchased. Ammo is just metals investing with the nitrates in the mix.

Why is one considered Smart Investing and the other is Unethical Greed?


Yeah I can buy online, but I can only ship to a fll and pay the fee then do the bacground check. Usually puts the cost upwards 1.5+ a round or higher.


It was time to move outta Commiforina years ago.


Yes it was, due to circumstances I’m in I can’t leave yet. It hurts being here every day. Do not let this happen in your state.