The Remington 700 club

Bet there’s some Remington 700 owners out there, show off your 700’s. Mine will come home this week, a 700 SPS Tactical. 20"-barrel in .308, pillar bedded in a Houge stock. For now, an orphan Vortex Crossfire II 6X18X40 will provide the sight picture.

Future plans? Maybe a period correct (late 1960’s) Redfield scope and a replica M 40 stock and M 1907 sling.


Had one in 30-06. Sold it. Another dip $hit move by yours truly. Got my Weatherby now but still wish I had both.


My REM-700, .308 was always my dream gun. When I finally found the “One I Love”…. I bought it 24 years ago. Everything on it is original except the barrel was threaded for a brake Mount / suppressor mount and the Bolt was fluted & the bolt handle extended……because the factory handle was too close to the scope for efficient operation. It is a work horse…built for rugged conditions…not for weight savings. This rifle has never let me down. This is just 3 of the 6 deer it has put down in the last 3 years.

I often look at other rifles and get tempted………but this “One” does everything to perfection……so there will be no “others” in my gun safe.

BTW……some people avoid the .308 or larger because of recoil……we’ll that LS1 Brake from Liberty Suppressors is so efficient that you can gently hold the rifle to your shoulder and you will not get “smacked” when you pull the trigger……no kidding. It’s surprisingly effective……but it’s LOUD ! If it’s not suppressed….you had better wear ear plugs & over the ear muffs.

Suppressed she is a kitten……and you can hear the bullet impact the deer.


I know the feeling. I won a Rem 700 in 7mm mag at a Whitetails banquet about 20 yrs ago. I sold it to one of the guys I worked with back then. Used the money to buy my Browning Safari in 300 wsm. Still have the Browning, but still regret selling that "700’. It’s one of those classic rifles that anyone would be proud to own. At least I owned one, for about 2 days.


My new 700 is home and has the scope mounted…for now. Not real happy with how high its sitting so I need to explore other options. On a positive note, it is now apparent to me only the new Alpha A1 700 has the different receiver so the bases I had bought fit perfect. So far, the only issue I have is the barrel isn’t free floated. Group therapy day Sunday.

Closeup of the “jeweled” bolt.




I’ve got a stainless Rem. actioned HS Precision .300 Win mag with an Army M24 type stock.
After using my RUGER Precision Rifle for competition I’m done with Remington 700 rifles.

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I have one in .243, but it’s too short. I got the Hogue stock, but the buttpad was too “sticky” - couldn’t get even a little bit of slide in order to get a good seat when mounting it. Couldn’t figure out a good fix. Also got a Wyatt mag adapter. Wouldn’t quit fit with the Hogue stock. I called them, and they said it was a fairly common problem. The fix is to take a Dremel tool to the forward end of the inlet of the stock where the new metal would drop in. Well, since I wasn’t sure about the stock, I wasn’t going to do that. Ended up sending everything back. I did try a Magpul stock which worked well, but it made the whole thing too big and too heavy for a .243, which is kind of not the point.

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100% stock Rem 700 Police, gave to gunsmith for basic accurization and I think years ago installed a Timney trigger. Something like 3000 rds thru this barrel, using a SMK 175 with Re15 reloads, and it’s just a solid 1MOA rifle at distances up to 800-900 yards. I highly recommend the Police model or a Tikka CTR 6.5 as a very good rifle out of the box for accuracy. The Tikka even more so.

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