The Problem with Big Gun Safes

You buy a 26 gun safe. You have 28 guns.

No matter how big the safe is, it is always too small. So you get another 500 lb behemoth.

This is what’s driving my thinking about a reasonably hardened space (not rising to the level of bunker) specifically designed as a gun room. It also doubles as a safe room.


Are you talking about a new house again?

Use an out of state contractor to do the foundation and have them add an ante-chamber off one corner that will not have house over it. Explain it away as your “utility room” for solar/battery or a wellhead or something along those lines and have them cover it back over with earth to be hidden during the framing.

Build your house up as normal and finish the section of basement with the access to conceal a heavy bulkhead style door/access port behind a shelving unit or something else big.

This also puts 3 faces or the chamber away from the house to allow you to build your concrete rifle tube underground.


Sort of, yes. It’s related. I like your suggestion.

But I am also lamenting that safes are never big enough.

When I transitioned to living on stilts, I bought a modular Snap Safe. Reason being, my first level is 15 feet in the air. Where it needed to go was up three flights of stairs. A welded safe would have required hauling a rented 40 foot fork lift over ten miles of loose sand. And buy the insurance because that trip is not without risk. Also removing upper story doors and deck railings. I wasn’t having that.

The sections of a modular safe are pretty heavy but it’s manageable. I was sore for a week schlepping that pallet into my pickup and then hauling the sections up stairs and bolting it together by myself.

Even when you do your best to be organized and efficient, all the stuff you want to lock up in a safe won’t fit. Figuratively speaking, you always have one too many guns or boxes of ammo.


Yeah, same boat here. I bought a safe 2x bigger then I needed, now I need a much bigger safe now.

As for stilt house, is weight of the safe a issue? When I was pondering the idea of building a house (with basement or crawl space, a huge safe wouldn’t work with out added bracing.


Mileage may vary depending on what size safe folks have. But as a frame of reference, mine is about the same weight as a large refrigerator - like a Viking. The house is new. If it weren’t, weight would definitely be a legit concern.


Problem solved


Now we just need to build a house around it, lol!


That IS the house! :rofl:


I have the same problem. Started with one of those Wally World ‘12 gun’ joke-of-a-safes. It presently holds 19 long guns and 9 pistols. You would not believe the sheer amount of time I spent finagling all those long guns into that little shoebox! And there’s another 8 or 10 more scattered about the house! All well out of reach of a curious 4-year-old, of course.
I may well have to thin the herd… :frowning_face:


Actually, I would believe it. :grinning:

You are not alone, this is known as “Gun Locker Tetris” and I have played many times myself.