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The Mosin Nagant

there are 6 of those Ski swivels on Ebay right now.

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If I had or were building an M27 I would scopp a couple up, but I am not sure I will go that way anytime soon. Finding a dedicated M27 stock with the double set of rear can be a challenge. Although there were several variations on the M27 pertaining to the Rear Sling Escutchions


Not to mention that it also had a swivel rear sling:


So you never know what you are going to find out there.


those ski trouper stocks for the M27 or M28 are very hard to come by in original condition since most were damaged or destroyed in the Winter War. Most armory rebuilt M28 were equipped with M28/30 stocks, such as mine. I read on one forum that true collectors were complaining about American rebuilt M27 and M28, that is a family bought all the Finn armory surplus of parts for the Finn Mosins. They then started assembling Finn Mosins in this country from surplus parts. But I’ve also heard that during the Winter, the Finns rebuilt their M27 and M28 with whatever they had in the Armory that week, some even had M39 stocks.

by the way, I have a signed copy of Doug Bowser’s 1998 “RIFLES OF THE WHITE DEATH”
mandatory reading for any Finn Mosin enthusiast


sorry, I keep typing M38 instead of M39

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I found this Mosin at a Big 5 in Tacoma, a 1924 Mosin Dragoon with an updated rear sight
due to the original rear sight, most Dragoons were not issued in WW2 because the sights didn’t match the issue ammo
note the rare Russian Splice - the rifle was dropped and split the stock -instead of replacing the stock, some craftman back in the '20s spliced it
how many of you have a rifle that was designed for horse mounted Infantry?
1924%20ex-dragoon 1924%20ex-dragoon_2 1924%20ex-dragoon_4 1924%20ex-dragoon_10


Mauser are fairly easy to restore, compare to other firearms. If it was made by Mauser and not by FN, or another company their are a huge amount of parts. If it is a FN, it gets harder fast, I know I ended up with an FN on the cheap.

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I need to find a copy of that Oldmanonthemountain!

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So here is my latest Mosins, not finished but they are getting close, fine details now. The top aka “the blond” and the bottom “the redhead,” were rifles that Bubba jacked up in a powerful way with some ungodly mixture of wrong color stain and some super reflective fugly polyglob coating. It took major work to get the stripped enough to be clean to start fresh. Once the crap was off it the process of making them look they are ready to do battle with some fascist bastard. I used Bicks Pin Tar and pure Linseed oil mix and these have a combination of 5+ good coats (I lost count after 3 coats there is most likely closer to 7 coats), plus the heat to sweat the pine tar in. The blond gave me a little bit of tiger stripping on the rear of the stock, and some nice grain in the fore end.

The redhead was a major PITA to get stripped, but once it was off, I fell in love with the grain on this stock, pine tar and heat really made the grain pop. By far this is one of the nicest Mosin stocks I have come across. Even the stock repair looks nice.

For the record, I wish bubba hadn’t put the bent bolt handle on it (major glob job, I had to file and polish up to not make it look total bubba. Shame, I am debating sending the bolt off to be redone correctly.


@oldmanonthemountain does the stock safety still work with the Timmney trigger or is it safety-less?

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