The Mosin Nagant


@oldmanonthemountain & @Squidder_K this is some great stuff you guys are postin’ up :+1: I’ve watched a lot of Iraqveteran8888 vids on the Mosin and knew there were some variants but I’m learning even more here. Later on this winter I am going to get back to gun projects (too many hobbies lol) one of which is my 91/30. I think 1 Mosin will be enough for me but early next year I am going to be seriously in the market for a nice old Enfield 30.06 if any of you guys by chance have any leads or suggestions…


here is a rare bird in my collection - an authentic Tula Mosin PE sniper from 1936
you can see from the barrel markings it was a sniper select and the original screw holes for the PE top scope mount are welded over, but still visible.
it’s in its original stock with free float barrel and reciever shims
P1030653 P1030654 P1030660


Here’s a photo of a Finn sniper in the Winter War of '39 with a Mosin PE sniper such as I have
The Finn’s preferred the Mosin sniper rifle over their own and hundreds of captured PE rifles were distributed among the Finn troops


A couple of Vz54 Mosin Images, please don’t ask me if that is a POSP scope, cause I have no clue. I defer to others with better knowledge than I.

Mosin can also be a thing of beauty, as some dedicated people have made some really inspiring rifles based on the Mosin.

2n8atj6 2we9p4j

I would love to build a Mosin with the butter knife handle, on a Bavarian style rifle stock with a big old schnabel on the fore end. But hey that is what I like, some of you may be barfing right about now at the mere thought of it. It just grabs me.


@Squidder_K I am more of a “mauser guy” K98 and M48 and all the variations in between. But I am enjoying reading all of your guys posts and pictures about the Mosin!

Keep up the great thread! :+1::+1:


Then you get the really hard core folks: The frist few images are from a Mosin that the builder (who had his own machine shop) decided he didn’t like where the bolt came out, so he did something about it.

imagesMV4SPATH imagesT5CEQNBH

The Mannlicher Mosin, Yes I love this and the Octogon Mosin seen below, just really interesting builds!

Mannlicher%20Mosin%203 Mannlicher%20Mosin

The octagon barrel must add some serious weight, but I have never seen another Mosin remotely as original as this one.

If you have the skills, a little engraving may be just what you need to set yours apart.

More butter knife, it is just that good looking!
This is a series of pictures from a M39 converted for Finnish Seal Hunting, the owner inherited it from his grandfather. Most likely the scope mount was locally produced. 20170922_000619 ![20170922_000633|600x338]

You too can be the envy of your friends at the next Mosin shoot with your European Claw mounted Zeiss optic!(upload://tadpfYnoU3r88TEmLueW5rA4bo2.jpeg)


Happy too Johnksg! I am also working on a Columbian Sporter that some Bubba decided to sporter it (fracking Bubba!) . So I have tracked down a lot of parts and am trying to revert it back to a military looking rifle. Sanding the stock has been has been pain stakingly slow.

As I have this short stock now I decided to use practice with it, and I deded to use some Murphy’s oil soap on the stock and give it a good wash and polish. This really nice stock appear out from under the grease and grime, now I really want to kick bubba’s butt. What a nice rifle this must have been. :frowning:

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Those are some beautiful Mosin creations! :+1:

Mine still looks like it’s straight out of “Pirates of the Caribbean”. LOL

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@Squidder_K I have a German WW1 Mauser sitting in my safe that was ruined by some hillbilly chopping the stock and sporterizing it into a half baked hunting rifle. (Thanks alot grandpa!)

One of these days I would like to restore it if I can ever find the time and the parts!:grinning:

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POSP scopes? you mean one of these?
I actually bought it from a drunk Russian in California on New Years Eve 2 years ago
that’s not a BS story - I was drinking in San Rafael on New Years Eve, talking to a Russian about Mosins and he traded me a this scope for a half gallon of Vodka - he drove home to get it and brought it back to the bar.



This is my 7.92mm M24 Mauser with a Zeiss scope
with my old eyes, I cant shoot the old Mauser iron sights
all original, expect for the Timney trigger
when I was stationed in Germany back in the '60s, many of the Forestmeisters had scoped Mausers for hunting
P1030618 P1030619 P1030622


@oldmanonthemountain You just made me smile!:grin:

I have a BIG soft spot in my heart for the old Mausers…it is so hard to beat the perfection of a well made, solid .30 cal with a bolt and lock up that is like butter on glass!

The '03 Springfield was pretty close though!


These are the photos I based my Mosin PEM project after
Vasily had his choice of any Mosin sniper rifle he wanted, but in 1942 at Stalingrad, he was carrying a mid '30s PEM sniper rifle, even though the newer PU was available
the pre-war PEM had a 4X scope that was superior to the war production PU scope
the scope on my rifle is actually a 4X PE reproduction with adjustable focus - based on a German Zeiss
I needed the adj focus for these old eyes. Unlike Vasily, I don’t have 20/10 vision.


I know that these days rifles are better in every way. As a former Marine I know well the importance of light weight to the guy who is slogging it around!

But when I hold one of those old mausers, springfields, or mosins…I somehow feel like I have a true tool to “ride the river and cross the mountains with!”

they are just so solid, the perfect mesh of wood, steel, and caliber.

They make me happy!:blush:


this started on Mosins, went to Mausers
tomorrow, I’ll get some photos of my 2 M1 Garands and start a new link
I have a Feb 1942 S.A.Garand, re-barreled for Korea in 1951
by serial number, it went to Guadalcanal with the Army
now that’s a rifle to cross the mountains with.


@oldmanonthemountain I am about to commit a sacrilege of the highest order, a heresy to be unthought of! (Men will cringe, children will shudder, and women will weep!)

Not a huge fan of the Garands…8 rounds and then a loud “ping” when it ejects the clip? No thank you! I like the M14/M1A better!

But I still own a few Garands! :grin::+1:


actually, modern test have been run and one can not here that ping very far at all, and not at all under combat conditions. I shot High Power competitions for years with my Garand - on the line I never heard the ping
as for the M14 - had one (M1-A) sold it and go another Garnad. I could reload my Garand as fast as any of the M1-A shooters. With practice, you can top off a Garand clip before you run dry.
One of my Garands is converted to .308 - what a sweetie to shoot


Keep in mind the Finnish legend didn’t need “no stinkin scope,” (not his words), just some snow his his mouth to hide his breath. Over 500 Russians in a hundred days. A record I doubt will ever be broken.

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Simo used a specially tuned M28-30 with a Sig barrel
even when the new M38 came out, he kept his personal M28-30
Simo was a member of the Civil Guard, just a Citizen Soldier, not a member of the Finn Army


Never underestimate the value of Reservists, they can surprise you when you least expect it

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