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The Mosin Nagant

Wheres the video for the mosin trigger installation

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The vid just posted and it’s a pretty comprehensive parts tune up and polish too.

I’m really stoked to do this to my Mosin! :grinning: :+1: Thanks for another awesome upgrade @ChrisNelson!! :clap:


I need to do that with my 91/30.

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I did what this guy did and it works really good.

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This is the link. I guess I screwed up the first one.


I need better pictures of the spring install. What is the position after install. Help!


I have been following and building Mosin’s for a while and save things when I find them. Here are some of the more interesting Mosin finds:

The OTS-48 or what I refer to as a Russian TKIV-85

The Finnish TKIV-85

Finnish M28-76

Finnish M28-57 this was built on a M39 Stock. I found a dealer in Finland with one, but I can’t get him to respond if he will sell it to me or not. Not sure how much red tape there will be with it.

Another view of the 28-57


@Squidder_K Good pics my friend!

Maybe you should post this in the “military weapons” thread or ask one of the mods to move it for you?

But I would like to hear more on your topic?

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Simo An image of the Late Simo Häyhä, the Godfather of all snipers, with a few of his rifles.

Grenade Launcher?

The kit for it.

A round for it

79824_56237329_Mosinka%20(64) deploying it in the field

untitled And of course a Russian TM image of how to use it.


Up until recently I had never seen an image of the grenade launcher, I only happened across on a search for TKIV info led me to a Russian website, and saved the images.


good photos, I’ve not seen them before
here is my Finn M28, found it in Spokane, Wa
has a Sig barrel in a 28-30 stock pot belly stock, with the original rear sight still in place
original Finn trigger, the finest 2 stage Mosin trigger I’ve ever fired
I’ll start post on my other Mosins in the Military section



I play with the Mosin Nagant on various levels, and have found upgrades to be worthwhile, and others that well, don’t waste your time with.a

Trigger return spring
Brass pieces between the action Screws and receiver.
Quality Slip on butt pad
decent sling
Replacement rear sight
Finish Ejector Spring for that matter any idea the Finn’s came up with to improve the Mosin.

Con’s (IMHO)
LER Scopes in place of iron rear sight, some work, most don’t work well.
Ungodly fugly scope mounts (who needs 3 feet of Picitinniy rail?
Cheap M44 muzzle brakes that go flying down range if you are lucky after the first round, or worse if they don’t
Brick like looking devices that pass of as muzzle brakes.
Cheap “Mosin” specific Scopes
Tri-Rails for Mosin, the thing is big enough as it is, does it need to be as wide as an M60?
Outside of the WWII Repo scope mounts and a few of the Mannlicher Scope mounts, many of the scope mounts out there look like they were made by ham fisted machinists, if the mount it self looks so gangly looking, or over bloated and it doesn’t look remotely like it was designed for the rifle, why market it?

Thoughts or suggestions to add?


I’m new to the forum, but not to Mosins
have a collection of a dozen across the range from Dragoons to M38, 9130s and 2 Finn Mosins
for upgrades, float your stock, install Finn shims and trigger if you can find one
for scopes, I go with a reproduction side mount PEM scope mount with 1" inserts for modern scope

I modified one Mosin for a Timney trigger - the best shooting Mosin I have

hope this image comes out - my first time on the forum

old man on the mountain



I have a couple of questions, more out of curiosity than anything else. Your stock is that an M91 with a is that an Accumount PEM scope mount? Lastly How do you like the PEM scope mount?


that’s a 1936 M91/30 rifle with the accumont scopemount. It’s also their PEM reproduction scope. very sturdy set up. has not shaken loose after hundreds for rounds of 7.62 heavy ammo. The reticle is a German #4. The quick detach funtion does work, bringing you back to repeatable zero.
You can’t see it, but there is a Timney trigger hidden in her belly. Breaks clean at 2 #. Full floated stock and Finn shim set, torqued to 45 inch pounds,corked just at the end of the stock
the chamber has been honed with a .30 cal Flex hone for easy ejection of fired brass when hot
I found Bear 174 gn to be the most accurate out of my Mosins, this rifle can turn in just under 1" groups at 100 yds. not bad for a $170 rifle!

P1030884 P1030889


Awesome, how easy is it to adjust the scope?

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Really nice M28, I am sure it s a joy to blast away with.

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Sorry Last question, As I don’t see the tab sticking out of the stock for the Timney Safety, did you remove and still use the stock safety? Thanks!

Also hereis the answer to the M27 Ski Swivel that pops on Ebay from time, or how does that thing work?
swivel ![skiswivel_closeup|200x171]
I know I have seen this thing a time or two and wondered how that goes?


So after a long time I finally found some images that show how it actually gets inserted.


Mystery Solved, at least for me.


good eye on the Timney trigger. I cut off the Timney safety lever below the level of the stock. The safety is still installed, just not accessible or visible. the inletting in the stock holds it in the fire position. This is a range rifle, so I don’t worry about the need for a safety with a round in the chamber. I just like to listen to guys on the range complain about their stock Mosin triggers, then watch their eyes when I let them try mine. If I need a safety, the original Mosin is still installed.
I’ve not seen that Finn ski swivel before - will have to start looking for one. You will note my M28 has original Finn metal swivels.
If you’ve never seen one up close, the Finn M28-30 stock has a second crossbolt for re-enforcement near the nose and a set of metal re-enforcing bands driven down the stock from the muzzle end. I hear this was for bayonet use, since the original M28 stock used to shatter during bayonet practice.
and here’s a photo of my other Finn, a 1943 Sako M39, still in it’s original WW2 stock, not a refurb.
it came from the factory with both conventional and Ski sling mounts
P1030667 P1030677


OK, hears some rare photos:
FDR with a Mosin
Hemingway in Spain with a Mosin
Mongolian cavalry during WW2 with old Mosin Dragoons
War camels with Mosin M38
FDR%20with%20Mosin Ernest%20Hemingway_Mosin